Alexis Ren stuns in her undies for Victoria’s Secret

Alexis Ren's zoomed in face.
Alexis Ren rocks a lace bra in her latest share. Pic credit: @alexisren/Instagram

Alexis Ren recently shared a video talking about the nostalgic feelings she has for Victoria’s Secret bras in her own closet.

Models have been tightly connected to the ever-evolving Victoria’s Secret brand for several years, especially since the lingerie company has such a widespread reputation.

Interestingly enough, the first bra Alexis ever purchased for herself when she was younger was from the brand.

Now that she’s all grown up, she’s modeling Victoria’s Secret pieces on a professional level for her fans and followers to see.

Alexis is all about the Love Cloud collection, which is one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest designs built for comfort and sex appeal.

In her latest video Alexis shared on Instagram, she looked cozy and casual in her Victoria’s Secret bra while describing her connection to the brand.

Alexis Ren looks stunning in Victoria’s Secret lingerie

In the video, used to promote the Love Cloud collection for Victoria’s Secret, she wore a pale pink cup-style bra covered in lacy material.

Since the bra is built with wires, it’s designed to add some lift to the chest area. Since the bra is part of the Love Cloud collection, it’s still supposed to be incredibly comfy to anyone who wears it, regardless of those wires.

Alexis wore a gray hoodie, hanging off of one shoulder and unzipped in the front. The only two accessories she added were a single ring on one finger and a small necklace.

Some of Alexis‘s tattoos were visible in the video including two small designs on her fingers, and one tattoo on her upper ribcage touching the underwire of the bra.

Alexis wore very minimal makeup without any lashes or blush. She also wore her blonde hair parted down the middle, showing off the ombre color pattern with darker roots and lighter tips.

Alexis Ren is a showstopper in an all-black outfit

It’s clear that Alexis looks fabulous when she’s wearing nothing more than a bra from Victoria’s Secret, but she also looks amazing when she’s rocking an all-black outfit.

In a group of pictures she posted from the fall, she was wearing an all-black outfit from head to toe, except for her large burgundy-colored purse.

She wore a leather jacket, black gloves, a shiny black corset, and high-waisted black pants. She didn’t forget to add black heels, either.

Alexis added a pop of color with her eyeshadow by going with a silvery blue shade to compliment her rosewood-colored lipstick, bronzer, and foundation.

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