Alexis Ren stuns as her own version of Tinkerbell for Halloween

Alexis Ren attends the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home
Alexis Ren’s take on Tinkerbell for Halloween was stunning. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Alexis Ren looked like a fairy tale dream in her Tinkerbell costume that she donned in celebration of Halloween.

The 25-year-old social media personality and actress put her edgy spin on the classic Peter Pan character.

According to Ren, this isn’t the bubbly Tinkerbell of Disney films, but one who is “tired of peters s**t.”

Ren posed outside of a gas station to show off her Tinkerbell costume. In the first photo, she squatted down on her haunches and showed off her side profile.

Her costume consisted of a gorgeous light green, plunging, sleeveless minidress that showed off her flawless long legs. In proper Tinkerbell fashion, the hem of the dress was uneven, giving it the appearance of it being made of leaves.

She paired the dress with some stiletto-heeled, dark green, pointed-toe pumps and a thick green choker around her neck. Additionally, she wore a pair of delicate fairy tale wings on her back.

Ren also styled her hair into Tinkerbell’s signature bun and added a touch of green eye shadow to her makeup.

Alexis Ren celebrated Halloween in style

Ren celebrated Halloween in style as she debuted a costume that was strikingly similar to Tinkerbell and also looked stunning on her. She also put an interesting spin on Tinkerbell’s personality by giving her an edgy side.

This side of Tinkerbell is seen in the third photo, in which Ren poses outside of a gas station with a beer bottle sitting at her feet and a cigarette held between her fingers.

Ren’s last photo was the most creative and unexpected. This picture saw Tinkerbell playing a game of what appeared to be Turkish tavla with a group of elderly men.

It’s not clear who the men in the photo were but Tinkerbell besting them in a game of Turkish tavla while also slaying somehow just works. Plus, the lighting in the photo is phenomenal, making it very visually appealing.

Tinkerbell is a fairly common Halloween costume that women gravitate to. However, Ren did manage to separate herself from most of those costumes by being anything but basic.

Her costume stood out because she nabbed a glittering eye-catching shade of green for her dress, and the shoes and choker were very nice original touches that further made her costume pop.

Ren opened up to GRAZIA about her makeup routine

Ren was recently featured in GRAZIA Magazine. For the feature, Ren walked GRAZIA through what a day in her life looks like.

She shared everything from her morning routine to her makeup routine to her fitness routine with the magazine. On the days she wears makeup, it is usually one of the first things she does in the morning after walking her dog and performing her skincare routine.

The first thing she does is start with a foundation, and she personally likes Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk Oil-Free Foundation. Next, she uses a contour stick from Benefit Cosmetics and applies it to her hairline and cheekbones.

She then uses a cream blusher from Beauty Counter that she applies to her cheeks and blends with a beauty brush. Ren also uses a touch of Giorgio Armani concealer just below her eyes. Sometimes she also uses highlighter powder on her eyes to give them a special glow.

One of the most interesting products she uses is L’Oréal’s mascara in a unique shade of deep green. According to her, the green mascara makes brown eyes pop.

Ren finishes off her look by applying some Marc Jacobs lipstick in a Terra Cotta Blush color.

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