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Alexis Ren goes back to her ballerina roots for classic ballet practice

Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren shows off some of her classical ballet skills and athletic flexibility. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Alexis Ren got on her tiptoes for an impressive show of flexibility on Thursday morning.

Alexis is mostly known for her modeling and influencing, but she did have a stint on Dancing with the Stars and gained more attention when she started dating actor Noah Centineo.

Recently, Alexis has been ramping up her acting career as she stars in the upcoming series Second Chance and has been cast in The Enforcer.

The model, social media influencer, and actress has a huge following online at 16.5 million Instagram followers, and the number keeps growing as she keeps posting.

Sporting a classic ballet leotard and pointe shoes, she shared clips from her practice with her followers and kept her legs covered in Alo Yoga leg warmers.

She captioned the clip, “Slowly but surely getting back into the first thing I fell in love with. @alo.”

Ballet is certainly close to Alexis’s heart as she is a classically trained ballerina and has called it her “favorite part of the day.”

Alexis Ren is classically trained in ballet

Alexis first publicly opened up about her training in ballet in 2018, when she was SI Swimsuit 2018 Rookie of the Year.

She got her start on Instagram and blew up pretty quickly as a model, though that wasn’t always her plan.

Her SI Swimsuit photoshoot actually had a ballet-inspired theme, and she revealed that she is a trained ballerina.

She grew up taking ballet lessons and was actually getting ready to audition to join a ballet company, but modeling worked out well, and she went that route instead.

Alexis Ren’s ab workout is influenced by ballet

Aside from her modeling and other career titles, Alexis shares a lot of workout videos and tips, and a lot of her fitness routines are rooted in her ballet training.

For Alexis, a lot of her life can be attributed to ballet shaping her- literally.

Speaking to Hollywood Life regarding a past 30-day fitness challenge, she revealed, “People always ask me how my body is shaped this way, and it’s ballet. It’s the most beneficial. It’s the structure of something really powerful.”

“I played with beginner ballet, and then added a little bit of Pilates, and then a little bit of yoga into this 30 day challenge that I created, so [that] anytime we’re strengthening our muscles, we’re also elongating.”

She also explained that incorporating ballet makes working out the abs easier without the need to get on the floor to do any specific ab exercises. She noted, “As a ballerina, we never did sit-ups.”

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