Alexis Ren in black bustier for outside views

Alexis Ren looking at the camera
Alexis Ren’s brown eyes sparkle for the camera. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

The beautiful model Alexis Ren always leaves fans jaws on the floor.

She embodies a confident and powerful aura that makes her look incredibly sexy. Not to mention her fashion style has also evolved so much as the years have passed.

This time she stunned by wearing a black leather corset that she paired with formal but stylish straight black pants with slits at the bottom.

She covered herself a little with a very cool leather jacket with big front pockets that she let fall underneath her shoulders.

To accessorize this look, she carried around a maroon shoulder bag that matched perfectly with her heel boots.

She also made sure to add a little extra touch with a pair of leather gloves, making her look like a very fashionable motorcyclist.

Alexis Ren stuns with a fierce cat eye eyeliner

The American social media personality wore her long blonde hair down in loose waves tucked behind her ears.

She added a pop of color to this mostly black look by putting on a fierce cat eye eyeliner with baby blue eyeshadow, which made her brown eyes pop, as well as defining her lips with a nude lip.

Ren posted a lot of pictures strolling down the street on her Instagram. In the caption of this post, she made sure to tag the famous clothing brand Revolve.

Alexis Ren talks about acting and the hard times of her life

Alexis Ren is now venturing into the acting world, acting in the same film as Antonio Banderas, The Enforcer.

In a recent interview with Ocean Drive, she discussed how it took her three years of acting classes, and finding a movie director who saw potential in her even when she had never acted before, to get into the acting and film industry, which is something she had been wanting to do for quite some time.

In this interview, she also touched on a very delicate subject, the death of her mom from colon cancer in 2014, which sent her into a very dark period of her life.

Thankfully for Ren, she stated she is able to use her as guidance and channel those emotions when acting by saying, “No matter what moment or location I’m in, I just like to tune into my mom and listen to music that triggers those darker emotions. […] I wasn’t able to do that before my mom passed away. I feel like everything was really aligned for me to be able to do this.”

The Enforcer is now out in cinemas and On Demand.

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