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Alexis Ren goes nude to ‘heal’ in nature

Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren stripped down in nature for a bit of natural healing. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Social media personality Alexis Ren spent some time in nature recently, letting the healing effects of the earth take over.

Although those healing effects aren’t entirely known, Alexis shared a few images with her 16.5 million followers where she’s posed and seems to be enjoying a beautiful natural scene.

The three images she shared feature herself as she sits on a stone bench outside, surrounded by green germs, grasses, leafy plants, and flowers. The star sits completely nude.

For the photo’s caption, she wrote, “nature heals.”

Nude Alexis Ren says ‘nature heals’

Alexis’s post opens with a shot of her sitting, showing her side profile to the camera. Her head is tilted away from the camera as her long locks flow down her back. Through the greenery, viewers can see her fit legs and toned torso as well as a decent amount of sideboob.

A swipe right shows a photo with a similar angle, though her head is tilted more toward the camera now, allowing viewers to see her peaceful profile. One arm is down as she puts her hand on her leg and covers her chest, the leaves of the greenery cleverly covering her rear.

The final photo is another side profile, but her pose has changed quite a bit. As she sits on the stone bench, she pulls one leg in and rests her foot on the bench. Her arms are brought into her chest as she covers herself with her hands. Her head is tilted back and up as she appears to be basking in the glow of nature, looking totally at peace.

The post has received over 250,000 likes since it was first posted Monday night, including one from To All The Boys star Lana Condor.

With Alexis’s slender figure on full display, it’s no wonder the star has taken to posting workout videos on YouTube. She herself is her own testament to her routines.

Alexis Ren’s famous 10-minute ab workout

When Alexis isn’t modeling or on social media, she spends a lot of time focusing on health and wellness, specifically working out.

She has her own YouTube channel that boasts over one million followers. She often posts quick workouts there but also posts life updates, her daily makeup routines, and more.

One of her most popular videos is her 10-minute ab workout video, which has over 50 million views.

In the description, Alexis writes, “I try to do this every morning. It’s quick, to the point, and you’ll feel it the next day.”

The exercises are also listed in the description, and anyone who tries this is likely to feel it the next day as Alexis promises.

The workout boasts sit-ups, knee touch crunches, heel touches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, reach-through crunches, and several more— all for 30 seconds each.

The famous ab workout seems to work well for Alexis, and this model knows how to heal: Completely nude surrounded by nature.

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