Alexis Ren gets with ‘creative soulmate’ for red aesthetic

Alexis Ren face
Alexis Ren is feeling creative. Pic credit: ©

There are few people more creative than models, and Alexis Ren is a prime example of this notion.

As a model, Alexis’ job is to evoke emotion and use her body creatively to send a message and sell a product.

Based on a recent social media post by Alexis, she has continued to do her job with ease.

Alexis shared a magnificent nine-part Instagram post with her 17.2 million followers.

The images featured a red lighting aesthetic resembling Amsterdam’s famed red light district.

In the caption, Alexis praised photographer Perazna for bringing her beauty to life. The pictures were full of emotion as Alexis lost herself in the comment and struck fabulous poses.

Alexis Ren loses herself in the moment with photographer Perazna

The first picture showed Alexis wearing a long-sleeve sweater with an arm bent over her face. Her mouth was slightly ajar as she tilted back her head for a passionate moment.

The second image featured Alexis pivoting her hips and throwing back her head with closed eyes. Her silhouette was glowing with red light, and she also wore red leather pants.

A swipe right revealed a black dress with a plunging neckline and a lot of drama. Alexis angled her body to exaggerate her curves, throwing her head to the side.

The final photo featured Alexis with one hand around her neck and the other hugging her body as she continued to channel emotion.

The model’s caption read, “My creative soulmate @perazna.”

It was apparent in the pictures that Alexis’ ab game is strong. She has no problem sharing her secrets, but be forewarned, her workout is intense.

Alexis Ren’s viral ab workout

If you have ever found yourself in the fitness section of YouTube, then you probably know of Alexis. And if you don’t know her by name, a quick visual of her iconic ab workout might help.

Alexis shared her fitness knowledge with viewers, creating a brutal 10 minute ab workout that is all but certain to achieve results. If Alexis’ abs are any indication, the exercise is very effective.

The 2018-released clip has a staggering 51 million views from fitness enthusiasts and curious watchers.

The video features 30-second intervals, during which the viewer must complete an exercise without stopping. All exercises target the abs, starting with sit-ups, knee touches, crunches, heel touches, and Russian twists.

Then, Alexis directs viewers to complete flutter and scissor kick variations before switching to mountain climbers. Finally, Alexis treats viewers to three minutes of non-stop plank variations for a regime that is certain to cause the abs to burn.

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