Alexandra Daddario stuns in silver for GQ red carpet

Alexandra Daddario stares at the camera with orangey lipstick.
Alexandra Daddario on the red carpet. Pic credit: ©

Alexandra Daddario continually proves that she knows exactly how to dress when it comes time for her to attend the most elite industry events.

The brunette actress from Percy Jackson & the Olympians recently appeared on the GQ red carpet wearing a dress that had her sparkling in a major way.

Her dress of choice was reminiscent of something one might wear while celebrating New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, or another festive holiday.

Alexandra posted a photo thread on Instagram wearing a silver dress covered in sparkling sequins. The dress was shiny enough to be spotted from miles away – and she looked absolutely flawless in it.

It was short enough to show off her thighs, knees, and calves. It was also designed with a single strap over her shoulder, leaving the other side of her upper chest completely visible.

She wore a pair of silver heels that perfectly matched the dress with an equal amount of shimmer. She kept things simple with accessories by only adding a small pair of diamond earrings and a single ring.

Alexandra Daddario sparkles on the GQ red carpet

Her makeup stood out for the night since she opted for dark eyeliner with wings, eyeshadow, lashes, lipstick, and foundation. She wore her dark brown hair slicked back in a high bun and parted in the middle in the front.

Occasionally, when a celebrity wants to make a statement before leaving the house, they depend on help from multiple people to achieve the perfect look.

After her time on the luxurious red carpet, she took the opportunity to shout out her hair stylist, makeup artist, GQ Magazine, and fellow actress Sydney Sweeney.

Not long before that, Alexandra also posted about a mental health organization she’s linked to called On Our Sleeves. The organization was designed to help the youth.

Alexandra Daddario supports On Our Sleeves

Not only did Alexandra post a group shot opening up about her connection to On Our Sleeves, but she also tagged the organization in her Instagram bio. She wrote, “On Our Sleeves is the national movement to break stigmas around children’s mental health. Their mission is to provide free mental health educational resources to every community in America to educate families and empower advocates.”

She further explained that On Our Sleeves is designed to connect families with local resources that can be trusted. Since one out of every five kids lives with a mental health disorder, this organization helps give voices where they’re needed the most.

She shared a picture with other individuals associated with the organization while wearing a black top that kept her covered up from her neck to her waistline.

The upper section of the shirt was made with sheer material, but she wore a pair of sunglasses over her collar that blocked any of her skin from view. She wore a dark blazer over the top but left it unbuttoned in the front. The blue-eyed beauty also wore a pair of slacks that perfectly matched her blazer.

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