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Alexandra Daddario stuns in white swimsuit as she enjoys some puppy love

Alexandra Daddario gazes into camera.
Alexandra Daddario basks in a white swimsuit for puppy show-off. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/Hollywood Newswire

Alexandra Daddario rocked a white one-piece swimsuit while soaking up the sun with her adorable puppy, Eunice. The actress posted the two photos to Instagram on Wednesday with the caption, “Sweet Eunice.”

The white one-piece swimsuit clung snugly to Daddario and accentuated her long, toned legs. The white sleeves covered a larger portion of her shoulders but tapered in width toward the connection with the neckline.

The Percy Jackson actress’s long, brunette hair shone under the light of the sun and flowed loosely forward in both photos. Alexandra parted her hair just off-center, which nicely complimented her features.

In the first photograph, Alexandra posed with one leg bent slightly higher than the other, and her toes pointed at the camera to further lengthen her already-long legs. In the second photograph, the actress sat criss-cross, and she leaned forward toward the camera with her weight on her hands and flashed an adorably contagious smile.

Alexandra Daddario reached over to scratch the top of sweet Eunice’s head in the first snapshot and showed off the puppy love that Alexandra and Eunice share.

Eunice is clearly an adorable asset to any photo and sported a skinny pink collar while soaking up Alexandra’s love. The talented actress has posted about her lovable puppy many times in the past, and it’s clear the two share an unbreakable bond.

Alexandra Daddario relaxes through meditation

As a busy actress, Alexandra Daddario has found value and relaxation through meditation along with other activities, such as yoga and paddle boarding.

“I also do a lot of yoga now that yoga is open,” the actress said to Byrdie. “And I have a wonderful partner who’s helped me throughout this reopening journey.”

The 36-year-old actress reportedly feels lucky to have a partner who can help her through this process. She’s reportedly been busy with acting projects, as well as promoting brands.

Alexandra Daddario is a brand ambassador for Aerie and Alo Yoga

Alexandra Daddario has become a brand ambassador for two active clothing lines: Aerie and Alo Yoga. The actress reportedly loves wearing active loungewear and prefers this type of clothing when she’s not working.

“In my normal life when I’m not working, I’m very much a t-shirt, jeans, even sweatpants girl. I’ve been known to wear bedroom slippers outside,” Daddario told People.

Alexandra is making moves in her career doing what she loves and was even at this year’s Dior Fashion Show in Paris.

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