Alexandra Daddario celebrates British Vogue appearance

Alexandra Daddario close up
Alexandra Daddario channels elegant vibes for British Vogue. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Alexandra Daddario may officially be an actress in her career, but she’s giving models a run for their money with her dashing good looks in front of a camera.

The blue-eyed beauty attended the annual BAFTAs and stole the show with her simple yet elegant look.

In some outtakes from the event, Alexandra shared a close-up of her hair and makeup. Her makeup was fairly neutral, but she had her usual pop of bright red lipstick.

Her hair was sleekly styled with a subtle side part, and she kept the brunette locks behind her ears and out of her face.

Additional images in her Instagram show more details of her gown. The black piece was simple yet elegant, with no straps and an extremely high slit that revealed her toned legs.

The image in the share was a true outtake from either before she was ready or after she was out of the luxurious attire, as she posed barefoot for a mirror selfie in some briefs and a sports bra.

Alexandra Daddario uses strength training to stay in shape

If there’s one thing that’s undeniable about Alexandra, it’s her impeccably toned abs and her perfect Baywatch babe body.

It’s not easy to maintain this type of body, but she’s been putting in the hard work with personal trainer Patrick Murphy, and they actually focus on her health more than how she looks.

Alexandra revealed that her strength training with Patrick has really paid off and helped with things like back pain and posture.

Although she’s been a long-time fan of hot yoga and still does routines occasionally, adding in exercises such as weight training and routines with resistance bands, cables, and machines has helped build more strength and tone out her body.

However, PT Patrick notes that it’s essential to listen to your body, change your routine if needed, and take recovery days from the heavy workouts.

Alexandra Daddario looks fit in Alo gear

As a fan of hot yoga and working out, it’s no surprise that Alexandra would keep an array of comfortable workout clothes on hand.

She shared one such look last April when she was “enjoying the warmer days” in an Alo onesie.

The shapewear was perfect for lounging in the gorgeous weather and for sculpting her incredible physique as she posed in the doorway of a glass door, revealing a glimpse of her gorgeous backyard scenery behind her as she smiled at her dog.

Though the post was not tagged as an official ad for Alo, it was a huge boost for the clothing company regardless as nearly 2 million of her 23.1 million followers interacted with the image.

The Alosoft Suns Out Onesie is available on the brand’s website for $128 and comes in black or heather grey.

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