Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards: Who is Amber Rose’s baby daddy?

alexander edwards and amber rose together at National Film and Television Awards
Alexander Edwards and Amber Rose at The National Film and Television Awards held at The Globe Theatre. Pic credit: Sadou/AdMedia

Amber Rose and boyfriend Alexander Edwards are celebrating the birth of their first son together as of Thursday. Their child, whom they named Slash Electric, was born on October 10.

Now many people who know of Amber Rose from her various ventures and former relationships are interested to know more about her baby daddy Alexander “AE” Edwards.

Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards welcomes baby Electric Slash

On his official @ae4president Instagram account, Amber Rose’s baby daddy posted the heartwarming photo of himself. In the image, Edwards is holding and planting a kiss on his new son, Electric Slash.

That brought plenty of congratulatory comments and of course many people gushing over the photo itself.

Some of the individuals sending congratulations to Edwards included hip-hop stars Pusha T, YG, and Tyga. Good friend Tyga also posted a clip of Edwards holding his new baby in his arms.

On Edwards’ Instagram Story he also shares the events of the past 24 hours. That included a video of himself in hospital attire ready for the baby to be born.

In addition to that, he posted congratulations for artist YK Osiris achieving platinum and then posted several of the congratulations he received on his Instagram after the birth of his new baby.

Alexander Edwards involved in hip-hop, own label

Some individuals might be wondering who Amber Rose’s current baby daddy is? She already has one child with her previous boyfriend, rapper Wiz Khalifa. Rose also famously was in a two-year relationship with hip-hop powerhouse Kanye West at one time in her life.

Back on April 3, Rose announced she was pregnant with Alexander “AE” Edwards’ child. According to a report from Heavy, the two met in 2015 but began dating in 2018. Now the couple is welcoming their first child together.

As far as Edwards’ origin story, it’s known that he was born in California’s Bay Area and became a hip-hop artist early on. Edwards was part of a group called 4 Deep who later changed to The A’z.

An interesting tidbit with that group is that all members had “Alex” as their government-issued name, hence going as “The A’z.” Edwards went by “A.E.” for his name in the group along with Ice and Speedy, per All Music.

The group was formed in the Bay Area in the late ’90s and had a major hyphy club hit with “Yadadamean.”

Edwards also went the path of other hip-hop artists as he started his own record label too. It was called Gloryious and he also began to sell clothing, which seems similar to the path of a man who is high up with Def Jam, Jay-Z.

Ultimately, he’d move on to join Jay-Z’s label years later.

Edwards’ current career, friendship with Tyga

Edwards is currently a vice president of A&R for Def Jam Records, so that may show part of why he’s popular with a number of hip-hop stars. His association with Amber Rose probably helps a bit too, as she’s been featured in various music videos in cameo roles.

Basically, Edwards’ role now is to oversee songwriters and recording artists’ development within Def Jam. He’s been in that position since last year.

It’s known that Edwards is best friends with Tyga too, which is why he received love from him on Instagram. The two appeared in a few pics from the MTV VMA’s pre-show as well.

Edwards was part of several collaborative songs with Tyga including “Don’t C Me Comin,” and “Good or Bad.” He also was part of the hit song “Taste” that Tyga brought out last year. That was one of Tyga’s biggest hits in his career, reaching No. 8 on the US Billboard chart.

As mentioned above, Edwards celebrated YK Osiris’ success as he discovered the artist via Instagram earlier this year.

Edwards and Rose have a pretty serious relationship which has included the Def Jam exec throwing her a surprise birthday party as well as posting romantic posts on his Instagram.

Now others are celebrating in Alexander “AE” Edwards’ life success with the arrival of his new baby Slash Electric.

See more about Edwards’ lifestyle, musical work, and relationships at his official Instagram here.

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