Alexa Demie in head-to-toe spandex loves Balenciaga

Alexa Demie in spandex
Alexa Demie goes all-black in spandex for Balenciaga share. Pic credit. © Thompson/AdMedia

Alexa Demie continued her brand love as the gorgeous Euphoria star shared a new picture in designer Balenciaga.

Alexa, along with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has served as a muse for Balenciaga and starred in campaigns for the company.

She shared a gothic glam look with her 11.4 million Instagram followers via her IG Stories. She also linked an article with Vogue, where she detailed her personal style inspiration and the getting ready process with the fashion magazine.

The look was from her attendance at the Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles; an event described as a West Coast Met Gala.

First, Alexa shared a look at her black bodysuit before the magnificent crystal addition was placed over the top.

Alexa posed in black spandex, wearing a bodysuit with the built-in signature gloves that the designer has become known for in the past year.

Alexa Demie in Balenciaga
Pic credit: @alexademie/Instagram

Alexa Demie stuns in Balenciaga couture

Then, Alexa posted the finished product from the back of a car on her way to the fashion event.

She wore a black knitted fishnet gown over the black spandex, adding major sparkle to the look.

Stylists pulled the look from the runways after appearing in the Fall 2022 Haute Couture Balenciaga show.

Alexa completed the look with pointed space heels, another Balenciaga signature look.

Alexa Demie in black Balenciaga
Pic credit: @alexademie/Instagram

Alexa rocked overlined lips and porcelain skin with slicked-down short hair in a very Old Hollywood look.

Alexa Demie discusses Balenciaga look

Vogue caught up with Euphoria star and Balenciaga muse Alexa Demie as she attended the Academy Museum Gala in her native California.

She said, “The look perfectly embodied a presence from the past and future.” Alexa continued, “The beaded work was incredibly intricate and detailed. The entire process required math, and the women who made it really put so much love and precision into it.”

Alexa wasn’t joking when she said the look required math. According to the article, Alexa’s Balenciaga dress featured 130,000 crystal beads and took more than 350 hours to create.

Alexa also explained that she has always been drawn to fashions of yesteryear, so the latest look was no surprise. Alexa discussed her attraction to the Old Hollywood ensemble.

She continued, “I really felt that spark I’ve had for those designs in Demna’s pieces and process. I gravitate toward things that feel timeless but also new and different. Something I have not yet experienced.”

Next up, the actress will appear in Season 3 of Euphoria, which hasn’t yet been filmed.

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