Alexa Collins stuns while sharing her ‘buns for days’

Alexa Collins mirror selfie
Alexa Collins is stunning as she poses in her white towel. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Aside from her busy lifestyle, Alexa Collins also knows how to balance things out and take a step back from all the chaos.

In her latest share, she demonstrated just that.

Alexa was captured in the comfort of her own home as she seemed to be enjoying a little slice of peace and serenity.

In contrast to some of her latest Instagram shares, which included a variety of modeling endeavors and home renovations, this particular post showcased more of Alexa’s easy-going and laid-back personality.

The swimsuit model was photographed leaning up against her sliding glass door as she stared out into the distance.

As she did so, Alexa formed goosebumps all over her body while she was surrounded by a sea of neutral-toned colors.

Alexa Collins is beautiful as she enjoys a peaceful moment in just her towel

In the perfectly captured shot, Alexa decided to leave her clothes behind as she sported just a white and taupe-striped towel around her body. The blonde bombshell further wrapped her arms around her body as she securely held the towel in place.

Alexa went light on the accessories for this peaceful setting, as she wore a flashy gold bracelet and a small gold ring.

Her blonde hair was thrown back into a loose bun that rested along the top of her head.

Per usual, the model sported a full face of perfectly applied makeup.

She went on to kindly tag the mastermind behind the shot, as the post was simply captioned, “Buns for days @dreamstatemuse.”

Alexa Collins promotes Ghost Energy while providing her fans with a discount code

When Alexa isn’t enjoying a little serenity in the comfort of her own home, she’s instead expanding her partnerships with other successful companies.

In another IG post, Alexa was captured sitting along her lounge chair as she teamed up with Ghost Energy to help promote some of their newest products.

Ghost Energy is a company that is dedicated to serving the community with only the best-tasting energy drinks possible.

The company sells a wide variety of tasty flavors that contain no artificial colors or sugar.

However, the company not only sells energy-boosting drinks but also sells protein powder and protein-filled gummies, along with some stylish clothing and accessories.

For this particular post, Alexa was focused on the energy drink that she held in her hand. Aside from the tasty beverage, she also had one of the Ghost protein powders placed behind her as well.

As she happily promoted the company, Alexa wore a gray, rib-textured romper and styled her hair in lovely, voluminous curls.

The blonde beauty went on to express her admiration for the company as she’s a true believer in their clean and delicious energy.

Alexa even kindly shared one of her exclusive discount codes with her fans as she listed it in the caption of the post.

The post read, “Clean and delicious energy? Say less! ? GHOST® ENERGY x FAZE CLAN™ just came out with the new FAZE POP™ ? Use code ‘FAZE’ anytime for 20% off your purchase on and the GHOST® app.”

Fans can now shop the new products exclusively through Ghost Energy’s official website.

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