Alexa Collins stuns bathroom selfie for ‘Lit Friday night’

Alexa Collins started off her 2023 on a high note with a lit Friday, unlike one ever seen before. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins gave a new meaning to a lit Friday night in a bathroom selfie featuring an uncharacteristically stripped-down look.

The blonde bombshell also continued to show her dynamic personality and sense of humor with the amusing share.

As Alexa’s 2.4 million Instagram followers likely know, she is more than a pretty face.

She has continuously shown her wit and personality, sharing bubbly videos and making humor out of somewhat pedestrian activities.

Her latest share was an expression of the latter, as she posed bare-faced and beautiful in sweats on a Friday night.

Alexa went into selfie mode, capturing her reflection in a mirror while rocking a plush tan robe. The oversized robe had a sherpa-like material with massive pockets and a cozy vibe.

Alexa Collins stuns for ‘Lit Friday night’

The model pursed her lips, blowing a kiss and flashing a peace sign with white walls in the background.

Alexa rocked chic glasses with brown frames, showing her fresh face and proving she was just as beautiful without a caked face.

For accessories, she wore an emerald necklace on a dainty gold chain and two Cartier bracelets– one in each color.

The Florida native rocked her long blonde tresses in a messy bun that sat atop her head.

alexa collins llt

She wrote in white text over the picture, “Lit Friday night,” an obvious joke about the chill vibes she showed.

Alexa had every right to have a calm night in, especially considering how busy she had been lately. An influencer’s job is never done, and she has shown this time and time again. One recent post for Bydee showed Alexa trying on bikinis and giving details about each piece.

Alexa Collins promotes Bydee Australia

Alexa tried on three bikinis by Bydee and gave information about each as part of a brand deal with the company.

The first bikini featured Prague Top in Salsa, retailing for $79, and Prague Bottoms in Cabana, retailing for $69. The bikini was vibrant with funky floral designs and a gold seahorse charm that dangled from the bodice.

The second bikini by Bydee featured the Ventura top in Salsa, retailing for $79, and the Cyprus bottoms in Salsa, retailing for $69. The multi-colored piece hugged Alexa’s curves and flattered her figure.

Finally, Alexa wore the Ibiza Top in Salsa, retailing for $79, and the Malaga Bottoms in Salsa, retailing for $69. This bikini set was stringy and colorful, with a skimpier feel than the previous two looks.

Alexa has demonstrated an incredible work ethic, so a night in is certainly on the menu for the blonde bombshell.

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