Alexa Collins sparkles with killer necklace promotion

alexacollins selfie
Alexa Collins promoted one of her longtime sponsors. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Last week, Alexa Collins unveiled a killer dress, and this week, the model showed off a killer necklace.

Alexa has become a force to reckon with in the influencing world, with brands clamoring to secure her services.

The Boca Raton native has been the face of Fashion Nova, Jaxxon, and Virgin Cruises.

For Alexa’s latest share, she rocked a colorful two-piece and a lot of sparkles.

The post served to drum up publicity for Diamonds by Raymond Lee, one of Alexa’s frequent collaborators.

Alexa shared a four-part Instagram carousel with her 2.2 million followers, showing a magnificent piece of elegant and extravagant jewelry.

Alexa Collins strikes a pose to promote Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Alexa started the carousel on a high note, posing from the comfort of her white bathroom. She held her camera in one hand and let the other fall to her side, capturing her reflection in the mirror. Alexa wore a three-piece lingerie set with blue-sheer garments decorated with jewels. 

Alexa’s undergarment top featured double straps and blue, red, and gold jewels decorating the bodice. She wore a garter belt wrapped around her tiny waist, with the same jewels from the top. As for her bottoms, they also follow the theme with strings, mesh, and rhinestones. Alexa pivoted her hips and gazed at her reflection, looking fierce and fabulous. 

It was hard to miss the diamond necklace hanging from her neck, creating a perfect V.

In the second shot, Alexa lounged while going into selfie mode and looking beautiful. She held her camera above her, capturing her image with rosy cheeks, glossy lips, and lavish lashes. The natural sunlight shined in her eyes, bringing out the hazel tones in her beautiful irises.

In the following slide, Alexa took things to the living room with another mirror selfie and a different background. 

Finally, Alexa used the same setting with a larger-than-life American Express black card on a wall behind her. 

As for Alexa’s hair, she tried something different with her platinum blonde tresses, looking sleek and straight rather than her typical loose waves. Alexa sported her signature Cartier bracelets, her wedding ring, and a tennis bracelet for glittery vibes. 

Alexa Collins glitters in Jessica Bara

Another one of Alexa’s frequent collaborators, Jessica Bara, recently underwent a rebranding. Alexa has helped the brand transition from Reve Boutique to its new name, Jessica Bara.

Alexa posed in her foyer wearing the Jessica Bara Onyx Strapless Crystal Fringe Mini Dress, which retails for $449.

The gown embodied old Hollywood glamour mixed with modern influencer appeal for a stunning combination.

Alexa sparkled and shined, striking poses in the beautiful piece. The video saw Alexa working her angles and showing why she has become so successful in the industry.

There is no telling what Alexa might do next, but she never ceases to amaze.

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