Alexa Collins shows natural antidepressant on boat

alexa collins face
Alexa Collins is enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins soaked up the sun and had some fun as the blonde beauty shared her secret to mental health.

The Boca Raton native took to her TikTok with a captivating video as she sat in a black bikini while sitting on a boat.

Alexa’s 1.1 million TikTok followers were among the first to see the riveting content shared on Sunday.

The short post, set to The Weeknd’s cult classic The Morning, saw Alexa enjoying the moment.

The blonde bombshell rested on the side of the boat with sun rays touching her body.  

As Alexa luxuriated under the sun, she reminded fans of the importance of Vitamin D.

Alexa Collins soaks up the Florida sun with a powerful message

Meanwhile, Alexa extended her arms and stretched out her body with her blonde hair in a messy bun.

The model rocked stylish sunglasses, ensuring protection from harmful UV rays.

Of course, some sun rays were welcome, as Alexa later revealed.

She wrote in text over the clip, “The depression leaving my body as soon as I get on a boat in South FL.”

In the background, cloudless blue skies and tropical palm trees created a picturesque backdrop.

Alexa’s caption was simple, reading, “Yup.”

While Alexa’s post didn’t contain any vitamins, she likely brightened the day of some followers.

Although Alexa’s career has blossomed because of her promotional skills, her recent share didn’t have a sponsor.

However, Alexa doesn’t seem to be lacking in the business department. She has multiple brand deals, including Diamonds by Raymond Lee and SKIMS Swim.

Alexa Collins promotes SKIMS Swim with a stunning shoot

Kim Kardashian launched SKIMS in 2019, and like many of the reality star’s ventures, she saw great success. It only made sense to pivot into the swimwear world, which Kim did flawlessly with SKIMS Swim.

Kim snagged a few well-known names, like Alexa Collins, to promote her brand on social media.

Last month, Alexa showed why she became such a successful influencer, wearing SKIMS Swim and looking perfect. She shared an Instagram carousel featuring a few new pieces from the exciting collection.

The blonde bombshell was a vision in a SKIMS Swim Triangle Bikini Top featuring the color Gunmetal, with a price tag of $38. 

Alexa rocked the matching SKIMS Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms with a price tag of $36. 

A swipe right saw Alexa introduce the SKIMS Swim Sarong Skirt, also in Gunmetal, with a price tag of $78.

While Alexa wore one magnificent color, the new SKIMS Swim collection has 25 styles from which to choose.

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