Alexa Collins shares skincare with a twist

alexa collins selfie
Alexa Collins shared her skincare secret. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Don’t mess with Alexa Collins when she is taking care of her skin!

Someone learned this lesson the hard way in an amusing social media share posted today.

Alexa recently posted the silly video on her TikTok account, where she has 1.1 million followers.

She has shared skincare tips in the past, but her latest clip hit different.

The video showed a little bit of Alexa’s sense of humor, something she has not been afraid to reveal, especially recently.

The clip began with Alexa having just undergone her extensive skincare routine.

Alexa Collins takes care of skin with a twist

The blonde beauty looked comfy and cozy, wearing a fluffy white robe and a hairband. Alexa spritzed her face, looking like she was placing the finishing touches on her routine.

At that point, she received a kiss from her husband. The kiss, of course, wasn’t well-received because it messed up her skin routine.

Her caption read, “Send help,” with some laughter emojis.

One quick look at Alexa makes it obvious that the blonde beauty has spent a lot of time and energy on her skin. And when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense because she has made her living as a model. 

Since she resides in Florida, she has to take special care of her largest organ so that sun rays don’t damage her precious skin. 

In fact, the leading cause of premature aging in the skin is exposure to the sun. Therefore, those in the Sunshine State, including Alexa, must take extra precautions to prevent premature aging.

Alexa Collins shares skincare myths

Alexa did an interview with Women Fitness where she shared her diet and workout tips. She also listed some skincare myths, which she revealed to be untrue. The interview revealed Alexa’s extensive knowledge of skincare-related information.

According to Alexa, less is more when it comes to skincare, and applying more products won’t necessarily yield a better result.

Similarly, she said that drinking a ton of water would not be enough to fix dry skin and that a good moisturizer was key. The blonde beauty advised against using hot water on the skin, which can cause inflammation and imperfections.

Alexa has spoken about her sweet tooth in the past, collaborating with Too Faced to create a donut-inspired makeup palette. The influencer told the publication that another myth was the belief that chocolate caused acne.

Finally, Alexa offered a word of advice, revealing, “Never give up on a dream that you have. Always push for it. Sometimes things take longer than ever, but it’s worth waiting around for.”

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