Alexa Collins shares message about self-love in green two-piece

alexa collins face
Alexa Collins shared a positive message as the bubbly blonde reminded fans of what was important in life. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins recently graced Instagram with a stunning video of herself in an olive-green bikini.

The Fashion Nova face has always loved a bikini moment. 

However, it wasn’t just a chance for Alexa to promote a brand and show her toned figure.

The social media post had an important message about self-love. 

Alexa didn’t choose a sponsor for this social media video; instead, it appeared that she wanted to drive home her point about loving herself.

And while her career has continued flourishing, Alexa has revealed more of her bubbly personality.

The latest exhibit of the blonde beauty’s character came in a short but sweet video shared with Alexa’s 2.4 million followers.

Alexa Collins stuns in a green two-piece with self-love message

Alexa sent out blonde Barbie vibes, looking tanned and toned, partially due to the Florida sun she has praised recently.  As it turned out, the sun wasn’t the only thing that Alexa loved. The model also revealed she had self-love and encouraged her followers to practice the same.

The video was simple yet powerful, beginning with Alexa striking a pose in a green bikini with natural light adding a glow to her existing tan. She placed her arm against the wall for support as she worked her angles and struck a few poses. 

Alexa’s blonde curls featured a center part with tresses cascading past her shoulders.

The background music was the ever-popular Keeping Your Head Up (Jonas Blue Remix) by Birdy, perfectly matching the positive energy of the clip.

Alexa’s caption read, “Daily reminder to love yourself.”

Alexa has advocated body positivity with empowering messages about loving one’s body and soul. Through posts and videos, the influencer has encouraged her followers to be their best and be confident to take on the world.

Alexa Collins shares exercise and diet tips

Alexa has been a promoter of health and wellness. When not posting bikini pictures or videos, Alexa has shared workout clips on her fitness journey. 

As Alexa revealed in an interview, working out has been the key to controlling her anxiety.

She also told Women Fitness that she used a South Florida-based food delivery service called Ideal Nutrition for her meals. With the help of the healthy food delivery service, Alexa didn’t have to worry about meal planning or cooking.

Alexa said that she loved exercising her glutes and abs. She chose to keep it simple with the ab workouts, revealing, “I do a lot of different ab exercises. I love the basics, though. Sit-ups and the Russian Twist are my favorite!”

Finally, Alexa shared some advice that has allowed her to achieve longevity in her modeling career.

She wisely stated, “I’ve always been very body confident and feel that every woman should be confident in her own body. Stop caring about what others think because it will ruin you. Look in the mirror and love yourself!”

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