Alexa Collins shares ‘favorite bikinis’ for beautiful beach day

Alexa Collins close up
Alexa Collins is sharing her ‘favorite bikinis’ as she starts off 2023 on a positive note for a beautiful beach day. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins brought a lot of color into the New Year as the beautiful model posed in a colorful bikini on a beach.

The blonde bombshell shared a bikini post that doubled as an advertisement for Bydee, an Australian clothing retailer.

Alexa gave her 2.4 million followers a promotional code in her caption alongside the sizzling bikini shots.

Alexa’s caption read, “Some of my favorite bikinis @bydee_aus giving you my special code ‘ACXBYDEE10’ ✨.”

Alexa looked gorgeous as she struck a pose underneath sunny skies. Her blonde tresses blew in the wind with voluminous waves full of life.

Alexa donned a colorful bikini with pink, red, and blue colors featured prominently.

Alexa Collins promotes Bydee bikinis

Alexa’s bikini top has a special twist, thanks to a dangling gold sea horse pendant that hung from the bodice. The sea horse charm took the beach theme to the next level and added a unique element to the bikini.

She paired the decorated top with matching bottoms with pink tulle on the high-cut straps, adding a feminine touch to the garment.

She wore two Cartier bracelets–one in gold and one in silver. She also rocked a dainty gold chain around her neck and a diamond-encrusted watch on her other wrist.

Alexa sported soft glam makeup that was perfect for the beachy environment of the shoot.

Alexa Collins is sharing her 'favorite bikinis'
Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Behind the beautiful Floridian, clear blue water and ocean waves crashed ashore.

It was clear from the pictures that the beautiful model took great care of her body. If you were ever wondering how Alexa maintains her killer figure, then you are in luck because the model recently revealed her diet and fitness secrets.

Alexa Collins talks about diet and exercise

Alexa spoke with Women Fitness about her diet and exercise secrets.

According to Alexa, she is a big fan of meal delivery and orders from a healthy, low-calorie meal delivery service in South Florida called Ideal Nutrition.

Alexa explained, “I try to eat really healthy during the week. I’m on a meal plan with a local company here in South Florida called Ideal Nutrition. I get a week’s supply of healthy, low-calorie meals that are easy to eat.”

As for Alexa’s workouts, she likes old-fashioned ab exercises, like sit-ups and Russian twists.

Alexa also said that she has never been afraid to work hard and her toned figure showed some evidence for her claim.

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