Alexa Collins is glowing in white and gold with ‘Mamacita’ vibes

Alexa Collins soaked up the Miami sun. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins returned to her influencing roots, teaming up with fast-fashion giant Fashion Nova for a promotional deal.

And, while Fashion Nova has become one of the most famous fast-fashion brands in the world by providing inexpensive products, Alexa looked like a million bucks.

The blonde beauty has been in Miami for a few days, blessing followers with new content as she lived her best life.

One standout post, shared with Alexa’s 2.4 million Instagram followers, saw the model standing on the balcony of a Miami skyscraper.

The model basked under the sun, overlooking the Miami skyline and serving looks.

As Alexa revealed in a caption accompanying the post, fans could buy the same swimsuits she modeled on the Fashion Nova website.

Alexa’s caption read, “New swim faves from @FashionNova #ad.”

Alexa Collins promotes Fashion Nova

Alexa started the video by emerging from an apartment, delivering major Miami vibes with oversized sunglasses and chunky gold jewelry. As she stepped out on the balcony, the sights of Miami reflected against the window pane, creating a visual masterpiece. Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s Mamacita added to the vibes.

The model wore the Get The Hook Swimsuit in White, which retails for $29.99 but is on sale for $23.99. The white swimsuit, with cutout designs, featured gold chains on each strap and clipped together with cup and chain detailing.

Alexa’s next ensemble was the Fashion Nova Dayclubs In Tulum 2 Piece Bikini in White which retails for $29.99 but is on sale for $23.99. The second swimsuit worn by Alexa was quite similar but lacked the gold hardware of the first look. 

The swimsuit resembled the designs made famous by Emily Ratajkowski’s Inamorata line, like the Las Olas top.

As for Alexa, she showed that she could make affordable items look chic and expensive.

One reason for Alexa’s ability to elevate a look could be her angelic beauty.

Alexa Collins shares beauty secrets and debunks misconceptions

Alexa spoke to Women Fitness about her career as an influencer, including tips she had for others looking to break into the social media world. Additionally, the model shared diet and workout advice as part of her self-care routine.

Another part of Alexa’s self-care practices involved debunking misconceptions regarding beauty and health.

The blonde bombshell cited an adage, revealing less was more when it came to beauty products. As Alexa explained, using more products wouldn’t necessarily result in better skin.

Alexa also revealed some news that was sure to please those with a sweet tooth, explaining that chocolate wouldn’t cause acne.

And as it turns out, there might be scientific backing to Alexa’s claim. According to Healthline, dark chocolate is one of the most anti-inflammatory foods someone could consume. Since inflammation is one of the hallmarks of diseases, skin-related or otherwise, an anti-inflammatory wouldn’t cause acne.

Just as the Easter Bunny makes the rounds, parents and children might enjoy something sweet without the guilt.

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