Alexa Collins is a water baby in black silk

alexa collins selfie diamonds
Alexa Collins is a water baby. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Whether taking a dip in the pool or overlooking the ocean, Alexa Collins loves the water and stays close to the life force whenever possible.

The Boca Raton native returned to her influencing roots with a Fashion Nova share, wearing a lovely lingerie set by the brand. 

The model and influencer shared the post on her Instagram, where she has amassed 2.4 million followers.

Alexa’s jam-packed carousel didn’t have a geotag, but it looked like she was in Mexico. 

She struck poses on a hotel balcony overlooking the water, where a cruise ship floated off the coast.

The first image showed Alexa with her hand on the clear divider that separated her from the elements.

Alexa Collins stuns in Fashion Nova

Alexa looked into the camera lens with cloudy skies serving as the backdrop. Her soft blonde hair blew in the wind with perfectly coiffed curls cascading past her shoulders.

The second shot featured Alexa at a different angle, with a dreamy expression on her face as she looked into the distance. Alexa donned glossy lips and lengthy lashes as she radiated beauty.

A swipe right revealed Alexa angling her body toward the camera while resting against the balcony.

Subsequent photos showed the blonde bombshell working her angles and selling merchandise as only Alexa could do.

Alexa rocked the Locked In Lust Garter 4 Piece Set in black, a Fashion Nova lingerie deal available just in time for Valentine’s Day. The set features a black undergarment top, a choker with a lock, a garter belt, and a pair of underwear for the affordable price of $49.99.

The model’s caption read, “Water bby,” with a shoutout to her sponsor.

Although Alexa wore the black version, interested buyers can also purchase the Fashion Nova set in pink.

Fast-fashion brand Fashion Nova has mainly worked with influencers to sell their clothing. Alexa was a natural fit for the brand because of her large following and marketable personality. Fashion Nova uses “crowd reading” to determine audience reactions based on metrics like sentiment and like count.

Based on Alexa’s consistent shares, it looks as though the crowd has responded positively.

While Alexa’s celebrity grows and her sponsorships stack up, she revealed there are still some misconceptions about the beautiful influencer.

Alexa Collins talks about misconceptions

Alexa spoke with Muzique magazine and discussed beauty advice, daily routines, and favorite products. The influencer also got candid about misconceptions people had about her. She obviously has captivating good looks and a perfect figure, so some people think she is unapproachable or even mean.

But that isn’t the case, according to Alexa, and she wanted to set the record straight.

Alexa explained, “I’m nice to everyone, and I’m super down to earth. Sometimes people judge a book by its cover and don’t realize that influencers or models are real people too!”

She continued, “I wish all people knew that I’m a nice person and was raised to treat everyone equally.”

As Alexa shows her personality on social media with influencing posts, followers can continue to learn about the lovely model.

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