Alexa Collins goes makeup free in a towel to share her self-tanning secret

Alexa Collins poses for a selfie
Alexa Collins filmed a message for her fans while in a towel. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins went makeup-free in a towel to share some “random” post-shower thoughts with her fans. Even makeup-free, the 27-year-old model looked stunning as she filmed a quick video.

Collins explained that she had just stepped out of the shower before filming the video. As proof, she filmed with a towel wrapped over her chest and with noticeably damp hair.

However, she tightened the towel around her, slicked her wet hair back from her face, and grabbed a camera after being struck with a thought about self-tanning.

Collins was makeup free in the video, though she did still boast some jewelry. She had diamond stud earrings in her ears, golden bracelets on both wrists, and an enormous diamond wedding ring on her ring finger.

Meanwhile, she was starting to apply some skin products after coming out of the shower. The purpose of the video, though, wasn’t to show off her makeup-free style.

Instead, she shared with her fans why self-tanners are “underrated.”

Alexa Collins shared her tanning secret with fans

Given that Collins is a model who frequently models swimsuits, viewers will often notice her perfect tan. To create her perfect tan, she revealed she has been self-tanning for 10 years.

Meanwhile, she also explained that she sleeps in her tan, which has created a bit of a problem. The model explained that she gets it all over her sheets when sleeping and joked, “My husband is literally going to kill me.”

However, she found a solution in companies like St. Moriz that offer clear self-tanning products instead of “harsh bronze” ones that can rub off on everything.

The St. Moriz product she used for the video was the Tanning Mousse in Medium-Dark. The product claimed to require “no masks” and to offer “fast results” while being “streak-free.”

Collins revealed she had worn the self-tanner that night and, upon getting up in the morning and showering, was impressed to find she hadn’t gotten any tanner on her sheets, had no streaking, and boasted a nice blended tan.

Collins is a Diamonds by Raymond Lee partner

In the post-shower video, viewers’ eyes were likely naturally drawn to the sizable rock on Collins’ hand. The beautiful diamond ring is from Collins’ partner, Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Collins has been the face of the brand since 2019. Hence, it wasn’t any surprise that her future husband, Tom Shields, proposed with a gorgeous round-cut Raymond Lee diamond ring.

In addition to repping Diamonds by Raymond Lee on the daily with her ring, Collins also frequently poses for photoshoots for the brand. She has modeled rings, necklaces, and watches for the company.

Most recently, she posed in a plunging, sleeveless black top to show off her matching diamond necklace, bracelet, and band.

In the photoshoot, she was wearing one of Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s newest designs – a band with diamonds around it that add up to one carat.

Collins has had a long-term partnership with Diamonds by Raymond Lee, which has been very effective due to her incorporating the products into her daily style, as well as participating in photo shoots for the brand.

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