Alexa Collins breaks a sweat in yellow two-piece for Camelback hike

Alexa Collins went for a hike on Camelback Mountain. Pic credit: @alexacollins/Instagram

Alexa Collins has a bubbly personality, but recently, she showed a different side of her life.

The stunning influencer has discussed her passion for fitness in previous posts, and she has also promoted workout gear. But a recent post from the Fashion Nova face revealed that even she struggles sometimes.

It all started when Alexa decided to go on a mountain hike on Camelback Mountain in Arizona. While Alexa ultimately reached her destination, her journey wasn’t without struggle.

A caption accompanying the post detailed the reason for Alexa’s troubles.

Although Alexa said the trip was harrowing, she looked terrific in her struggles.

The blonde beauty has been opening up and sharing her personal experiences more on social media, and it seems to be paying off for her. The latest post, shared with her 2.4 million Instagram followers, received 16k likes.

Alexa Collins has difficult mountain adventure

Alexa looked as bright as the sun in a yellow two-piece with a supportive sports top and matching spandex. The attire was perfect for a long hike underneath the sun, even though Alexa admitted she was unprepared during her mountain exploration.

Each picture Alexa shared showed the model looking fabulous as she struck poses with nature. Alexa’s platinum tresses were in a half-up, half-down style, and she sported aviator sunglasses.

Thanks to the post, fans saw the beautiful Arizona desert and world-famous red rocks. The photos came out perfectly, but there was more than met the eye.

Alexa’s caption began, “I feel like I need to talk more about personal experiences on here. Here’s that one time I hiked up Camelback mountain with the absolute wrong shoes, not enough water, and no hiking gear.”

She continued, “This experience was full of dehydration, sweating, swelling (yes my fingers became extremely large and my rings got stuck on my hands), and seeing throw up on every other rock. Although it was a rough experience, we were able to get to the top.”

She added a humorous scorecard at the end of the caption, revealing that the mountain had won the fight.

The overarching message in the caption was that sometimes people are capable of more than they think. In Alexa’s instance, she didn’t have adequate preparations to hike the mountain, but she still came out on top. Alexa demonstrated excellent stamina, which may have been due in part to her workout routine.

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Alexa Collins talks about workout routine

When Alexa isn’t busy climbing mountains, you might find her in the gym.

Alexa told Women Fitness about her favorite workouts and said that she focused on her abs.

As for specific exercises, Alexa said she preferred the basics, like Russian twists or sit-ups.

She also explained that she enjoyed working out her glutes.

Alexa’s commitment to fitness might serve as motivation for fans to get active, which could be a great thing.

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