Alessandra Ambrosio steals the show in sheer lace with black lingerie

Alessandra Ambrosio is going back to her black lingerie roots
Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing sheer black lace over black lingerie during Milan Fashion Week. Pic credit: @AlessandraAmbrosio/Instagram

Alessandra Ambrosio is showing the finished result of her noteworthy Dolce and Gabbana look hours after sipping espresso in lingerie from her hotel room. 

Alessandra put on a lace bodysuit over her undergarments and got moving in Milan.

The Brazilian bombshell rocked head-to-toe leather and lace as she paired femininity with edginess and arrived at Dolce & Gabbana. Before she arrived, she starred in a video clip by an artist, which purported to show her getting ready process.

Alessandra stunned in a long-sleeve lace bodysuit that covered her body while covering very little and revealing her underwear.

She paired the bodysuit with black shades, a leather choker, and silver dangling earrings. She wore show-stopping knee-high suede boots with zippers, studs, and a whole lot of attitude. She also sported a leather jacket, and she later removed the studded piece.

Underneath the sheer bodysuit, Alessandra wore a black lace bra and matching underwear. She pulled her light brown tresses into a ponytail with bangs falling to frame her face.

Alessandra Ambrosio stuns at Dolce and Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week

The video montage featured Ale as she put the finishing touches on the look with a little lip gloss and perfume. She struck some of her famous poses against a mirror and strapped on her fabulous boots on a hotel bed.

Alessandra placed shades over her dramatic winged eyeliner and smoky eye look. Finally, she strutted down a hotel corridor as she made her way to the streets of Milan.

Alessandra’s caption read, “CIAO KIM DOLCE&GABBANA 🖤 #mfw By @sametgorgozfilms.”

Fans of Alessandra saw her before the show when she posted from her hotel as she got ready for the event.

Alessandra Ambrosio talks about her evolving style

As a model, Alessandra’s job is to wear the latest designs and inspire others to want to wear them too. Part of looking good involves how you wear clothing, and Alessandra does it well.

She spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about her fashion sense and how it has changed throughout the years.

Alessandra said, “I think I’m still happy to be playful and go with my mood, or match the occasion, so I’ve always had fun with my looks. But I think the change has been internal.”

Alessandra continued, “Over the years, I have become more confident with who I am and how I present myself. So I can experiment and try on looks without feeling at all self-conscious.”

Indeed, Alessandra’s confidence radiates from her body, including in the latest shots from Italy.

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