Alessandra Ambrosio shows Brazilian pride with Carnival fun

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Alessandra Ambroiso is in her element. Pic credit: © Pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio has returned to her native Brazil to participate in Carnival celebrations, and like a true Brazilian, the model has served fabulous looks. 

The Brazilian bombshell shared another skin-baring ensemble on Instagram, where she has amassed 11.6 million followers.

Alessandra’s social media pages have been a great way for those missing the action to get a taste of the festival.

Each year, Brazilians celebrate Carnival, a celebration with religious roots. The annual Carnival festival occurs on the Friday before Ash Wednesday. After Ash Wednesday, the Catholic season of Lent arrives, with the self-imposed restrictions people choose. Traditionally during Lent, people elected to abstain from meat, and the word “carnelevare” means to remove meat.

Although many no longer practice the Lent season, Carnival has remained fair game, with Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro as cultural hubs for the celebrations.

Millions dress in festive attire, dancing in the streets, and Alessandra has been in the middle of the action.

Alessandra Ambrosio celebrates Carnival with another fashion win

Alessandra shared a six-part IG carousel where fashionable looks were on the menu. Alessandra’s ensemble had clear little mermaid inspirations as she channeled her inner Ariel.

The bodice featured yellow shells, just like the famous mermaid in the Disney film. The see-through dress had a net-like material similar to one you might associate with a sea princess.

In the first picture, Alessandra struck a pose with mile-long legs adorned with strappy heels. Alessandra’s net dress featured multicolored starfish sewn in red, blue, and yellow for aquatic vibes.

A swipe right saw Alessandra taking things to the streets, striking a pose on the cobblestone roads filled with pedestrians. The model worked her angles and turned the street into a runway.

Subsequent shots showed the mother-of-two having a blast during the special time of the year.

It was clear from the post that the 41-year-old stunner has stayed in amazing shape after her Victoria’s Secret days.

Alessandra Ambrosio yoga workout

During the pandemic, Alessandra spoke with Fox News about how the quarantine altered her workout routine.

As it turned out, Alessandra’s healthy habits continued, including her balanced diet.

Additionally, Alessandra found ways to stay in shape.

She explained, “I love to do yoga as it centers me and also at the same time keeps me in shape.”

One of Alessandra’s favorite workouts was a five to 10-minute plank, certainly not for the faint of heart.

She continued, “Since there is a lot to do around the house sometimes I don’t have much time to work out, in which case I try to do some stretching and hold a plank for five to 10 minutes.”

Alessandra is killing the game with a smile, and fans are here for it.

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