Alessandra Ambrosio poses topless in white bikini bottoms at the beach

Alessandra Ambrosio arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 9, 2020
Alessandra Ambrosio posed topless on the beach, wearing only bikini bottoms and a sunhat. Pic credit: ©

Former Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio washed away fans’ winter blues as she posed for photos on a sunny beach. The model shared three photos on Instagram where she posed in rippling waves, wearing nothing but a striped sunhat and white bikini bottoms.

She captioned the photo with the phrase “Golden vibes,” which fans agree is fitting as the sun creates a golden hue against the model and the sand on the beach.

Alessanda Ambrosio’s topless beach pics

The first image the model shared is taken from behind. Fans see her with her arms crossed over her chest, her back to the camera as she appears to be gazing up at a warm sky.

The water’s waves pool around her feet as fans are given a shot of her incredibly fit legs. Her highlighted hair cascades down her back as she stands, bearing only her hat and white, low-rise bikini bottoms.

Fans were quick to notice the sunlight washing over the front of Ambrosio as she covers her bare chest, leaving only a sliver for fans to see.

In her second photo, Alessandra Ambrosio looks directly at the camera. It’s a closer shot that shows her face, a glimpse of a gold chain around her neck, and the curve of her chest.

The third photo is another shot from behind, but Ambrosio has her head turned to look at the camera. The model sticks her tongue out with a wide grin and splashes of water can be seen around her legs. 

Alessandra Ambrosio credited her hairstyle to Dimitris Giannetos and her makeup to Leah Darcy. Ambrosio also tagged fashion stylist and consultant Heather Smith as well as LA photographer Lauren Alexandra. 

Her swimsuit bottoms come from GAL Floripa, Alessandra Ambrosio’s swimsuit line that she, Gisele Cória and Aline Ambrosio created. 

Alessandra Ambrosio’s GAL Floripa and its mission

Alessandra and Aline Ambrosio along with Gisele Cória created GAL Floripa to “inspire women to embrace their femininity with a holistic approach.”

Along with embracing femininity, GAL Floripa celebrates Brazil and the bonds between these three women. GAL symbolizes the bond between Gisele, Alessandra, and Aline while Floripa represents the location that the brand was inspired by and where GAL Floripa was created.

On GAL Floripa’s site, Alessandra Ambrosio says, “Growing up in Brazil, Gisele, Aline, and I spent most of our summers together by the beach, immersed in the natural beauty of Florianopolis, known as “The Magic Island”, and spending almost every moment of the day in our swimwear. It makes sense that swimwear became like a second skin.”

Using their combined knowledge, the three created a brand full of designs meant to highlight feminine figures and curves using elements such as the fabric of the swimsuits, colors, cuts, and details.

GAL Floripa’s mission is to connect elementals of Mother Nature with women’s lives.

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