Alessandra Ambrosio plays in the surf, stretches to the sun in tiny white string bikini

Alessandra Ambrosio on the red carpet
Alessandra Ambrosio shows off new white swimwear in recent Instagram posts. Pic credit: ©

If you follow Alessandra Ambrosio on Instagram, you’ve been treated to some gorgeous photos over this past week.

The Brazilian model’s most recent post includes a series of five photos, shot on a calm beach with mild earth-tone coloring.

Alessandra shows off her tanned body in a simple, white string bathing suit

The photos all show the former Victoria’s Secret Angel with the same organic, elegant energy that the supermodel has been known for her entire career. Two photos show her naturally “kicking” the ocean water as it hits the shore, and two others are of her reaching her arms up to the sky in a yoga-like post.

The middle photo in the series is a close-up of Ambrosio, showing off the simple lace detail of the white string bikini top and her gold jewelry accents.

Tagged in the first photo and caption of the series is her swimwear clothing line, GAL Floripa.

Ambrosio’s caption for the post reads, “Easy breezy,” accompanied by a seashell, ocean wave, and white heart emoji.

With a comment section immediately flooded with red heart and flame emojis, there are some that stick out among the rest by fans who truly appreciate Alessandra’s inner and outer beauty.

Instagram user @mutd97 comments on how the 37-year-old has gotten “better” over the years. He writes, “Wonderful beauty, perfect body. A WOMAN that gets better with age.”

Instagram comment to Alessandra about her getting better with age
Pic credit: @umutd97/Instagram

One user took notice of the inner qualities that make Alessandra a beautiful person by writing, “You have the kindest heart and most beautiful smile Alessandra!”

User saying Alessandra has a kind heart and beautiful smile
Pic credit: @javierrojas10_

Alessandra Ambrosio’s owns her own swimwear line, GAL Floripa.

Ambrosio launched her own line of swimwear in 2019 with her sister Aline Ambrosio and best friend Gisele Cória. Growing up by the beach together, the three always had the dream of one day having the opportunity to create a brand that carried something they basically lived in. The suits for her brand, GAL Floripa, are described by the supermodel as being comfortable with a bit of iridescent sparkle. Growing up in Brazil, wearing a bathing suit was almost like a “second skin” to her, and she wanted to create a brand that was fun and interchangeable.

In an interview Ambrosio did with People, she said, “We always had this dream. We grew up in Florianopolis, which is an island south of Brazil, and swim was always like our second skin. We were always in a swimsuit going from one beach to another and always wanted to have a bikini shop there one day. That was our dream when we were 18.” 

The brand has a very “galactic” feel to it, mixing simple and iridescent fabrics to create suits that truly stand out among others on a beach. However, In Alessandra’s most recent post on Instagram, she ditches the sparkles and shows off one of the more simple designs of the brand.

It’s obvious the beautiful bright white suit she’s wearing will stand out on a beach just as much.

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You idiots need to look up the definition of “TINY”.🤨