Alessandra Ambrosio is glowing in new skincare ad

Alessandra Ambrosio up close
Alessandra Ambrosio promoted a new venture. Pic credit: © Pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio reminded fans why her career spanned the better part of three decades as the Brazilian beauty unveiled a new ad on her social media.

The mother of two took to Instagram over the weekend, sharing a Clarins commercial with her 11.7 million followers.

The video aimed to promote a Clarins serum with a new formula.

The Nespresso face did a great job at hawking the product, looking naturally beautiful and effortlessly chic.

Alessandra had an undeniable glow during the video as she struck a few poses and played with a dog.

Natural light poured into the clip, adding a dreamy vibe to the advertisement. The video was special because Alessandra offered some valuable advice as the narrator to the share.

Alessandra Ambrosio promotes Clarins skincare

A caption accompanying the post read, “Double Serum Light ✨@clarinsUSA #DoubleSerum #ad.”

In the video, Alessandra took followers through a typical day with Clarins Double Serum Light, washing her face, applying her serum, and heading to the beach. 

As Alessandra explained, the climate remains humid in her native Brazil, which can be challenging for those with oily skin.

Luckily, Clarins has a serum with a new lightweight formulation, which promises to visibly firm skin and minimize pores while maximizing the glow.

Alessandra applied the product using gentle but firm touches, beginning in the center of her face and then working her way outward.

The model revealed that she could achieve a mini lymphatic drainage massage by applying pressure while using the product.

The lymphatic system helps remove waste from the body. Therefore, a lymphatic drainage massage facilitates this process by stimulating the lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage massages have become very popular in the wellness arena as part of a well-rounded self-care routine.

As for Alessandra, she revealed that the Clarins Double Serum and a glossy lip were the keys to a successful date night.

Speaking of self-care, Alessandra has always prioritized taking care of herself.

Alessandra Ambrosio talks about self-care secrets

Alessandra spoke with StyleCaster about the importance of self-care.

The model also revealed how she enjoyed self-care, including different activities she enjoyed.

For Alessandra, massages were one of her favorite ways to treat herself.

Alessandra explained, “Depending on where I am, I like going to the spa to get a massage too. [Self-care is] definitely on the go. When I travel, I’ll do a mask on the plane.” 

She continued, revealing scents also played a big role in her self-care.

Alessandra said, “I was recently in Cabo at the new Montage Hotel too, and they had a wonderful spa; the massages were incredible. I love aromatherapy too. Essential oils always inspire me and put me in a good mood.”

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