Alessandra Ambrosio hits the beach with friends in Rio

Alessandra Ambrosio face
Alessandra Ambrosio enjoys Rio. Pic credit: ©

Alessandra Ambrosio sent temperatures soaring during a beach trip with triple-digit degrees.

The model returned to her native Brazil, enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach with some longtime friends.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel showed that she could turn any scene into a photo shoot as she laughed with her pals on the sands of Rio de Janeiro.

The mother of two was joined by Matheus Mazzafera, a producer and content creator who has been by Alessandra’s side throughout the years. 

Also joining Alessandra was childhood friend Gisele Coria. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Alessandra and Gisele started GAL Floripa, a swimwear line, with Alessandra’s sister, Aline. 

Curiously, GAL Floripa didn’t receive a tag in the post. Instead, the theme seemed to be all about friendship.

The trio took turns frolicking about while posing for the camera for the delightful shots. 

Alessandra Ambrosio stuns for sun at the beach

Alessandra rocked a high-cut white one-piece with a plunging neckline and a perfect fit. Alessandra’s friend Gisele rocked a similar cut, but her ensemble had two pieces. 

Finally, Matheus wore a very colorful pair of swim trunks. In the caption, Alessandra revealed that the temperature was 40 degrees in Rio. 

In Fahrenheit, that is equivalent to 104 degrees, showing just how hot it was in Brazil.

The beach was packed with swimmers and sunbathers, possibly getting relief from the sweltering heat.

Alessandra Ambrosio becomes Nespresso face with Brazilian-inspired flavor

Alessandra joined Nespresso as a famous face for a summer collection with a Brazilian-inspired beverage. 

Nespresso created a new flavor, Liminha Over Ice, with Alessandra in mind.

And Alessandra isn’t just peddling any product. Instead, she decided to promote a product she has enjoyed over the years. 

The GAL Floripa founder explained her coffee-drinking rituals, sharing, “Usually for me when I drink coffee, I’m taking the little time for myself to just re-think what’s happening in my life or what’s going through my day.”

The model shot a campaign for Nespresso in her native country, celebrating her roots.

Alessandra revealed to Forbes, “I was really happy when they chose me to be their face for the campaign, and we shot it in Brazil. The whole campaign, it’s about doing yoga, taking time for yourself, feeling good, the inhale and exhale.”

Alessandra has a lot on her plate, but she has continued to thrive with grace.

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