Alessa Holloway stuns with her surfboard for outdoor photoshoot

Alessa Holloway snaps a gorgeous pic in her bathroom.
Alessa Holloway poses for a sultry selfie. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Surfing is a way of life for Alessa Holloway who has made a professional career out of the sport.

The stunning athlete lives in Makaha, Hawaii, and knows how to catch waves with perfect balance and elegance whenever she needs to.

She also knows how to pose for some of the most exquisite and beautiful pictures ever for her fans and followers to see.

A recent photo thread that Alessa shared was filled with artistic images that showed off her stunning figure and love of the great outdoors.

Although one of the pictures from her photo thread was in black and white, the rest of the pictures were in full color.

Not long before that, Alessa shared a video to shout out the water bottle brand she loves when she’s doing her best to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Alessa Holloway Looks amazing in leis

Alessa posed for a series of artistic and stunning pictures without wearing a top. She used her hand to hide her most intimate areas in order to maintain her modesty.

On her bottom half, she wore a Hawaiian skirt that was rolled together over one hip. Her legs were easy to see, especially since the skirt opened up in the front.

She wore two lei necklaces stacked on top of each other for the photos and a Hawaiian flower tucked behind one ear. In one of the pictures from the thread, Alessa posed next to her bright yellow surfboard. It served as a reminder to her followers what her true passion is.

Alessa Holloway loves Stanley Brand Quenchers

Alessa shared a video of herself frolicking around the beach while holding a pink-colored Stanley Brand Quencher in her hand to endorse the product. She wore a flowing white sundress that provided tons of coverage from top to bottom.

It was designed with a low-cut V-neck and slits on both sides of her legs, but it was still incredibly modest. The beachy dress paired well with the white sun hat she added on top of her head.

Alessa went barefoot while walking through the lapping ocean waves, but she did accessorize with some bracelets and a ring. Underneath the white sundress, Alessa‘s pink bikini was easy to see from certain angles.

She added a caption that said, “My @stanley_brand Quencher keeping my water chilled was an essential for today’s hot beach day! You can get your own now available at Amazon Stores.”

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