Alessa Holloway stuns in skimpy swimwear inside a cave

Surfer Alessa Holloway is wearing a tiny bikini in a cave. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa Holloway looked gorgeous in Greece as she posed on the edge of clear water from a cave.

The professional surfer has been enjoying her European vacation in Mykonos and sharing photos of her adventures with her Instagram followers.

Alessa has treated fans to photos from inside her luxurious hotel, including the beautiful suite bedroom and the lavish bathroom accommodations. The Billabong face braved the great outdoors, where she posed for a beautiful photo in what looked to be her element– the water.

Alessa posed on her tippy-toes in a tiny black bikini.

She showed incredible balance, but as a professional surfer, that wasn’t surprising.

Her back was to the camera, but her recognizable thick hair gave her away. Alessa’s long tresses featured loose waves which cascaded down her back and past her waist.

Alessa Holloway stuns from a Greek cave

The sunlight reflected against the water and hair, bringing out the blonde tint in her locks.

She stood on the edge of the pool with the gorgeous cave serving as a picturesque backdrop to the fabulous shot. Alessa wore two gold bracelets and a wedding ring, which stood out against her tanned skin.

alessa holloway bikini
Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa posed from within a cave at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, the swanky place where she stayed. The five-star hotel is known for hotel rooms and suites built within luxurious caves, adding to the phenomenal ambiance of the vacation.

Alessa Holloway is loyal to Billabong

A quick trip to Alessa’s Instagram shows the surfer represents Billabong much of the time. In fact, Alessa has been with the brand for the majority of her life. The clothing company pays for everything in exchange for Alessa’s representation.

She told Into The Gloss, “My first sponsor, my major sponsor, was Billabong. I’ve been with them since I was 11—I’m 25 now. I was blessed with Billabong. They pay for all my expenses—travel, business expenses… and it all helps to let me live this life that I live.”

Alessa elaborated on the life that she lived, and it didn’t sound bad at all.

She continued, “The kind of life I live, I’m surrounded by a beach pretty much all day. I’ll wake up, I’ll surf, come back, eat, train, go surf again, and then that’s pretty much my whole day already. Then I’m in bed, and repeat. It’s been that way pretty much my whole life.”

Luckily for fans, she continues to offer a behind-the-scenes look at every step of her life along the way.

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