Alessa Holloway stuns in a black bikini on her honeymoon

Alessa Holloway poses in bikini.
Pro-surfer Alessa Holloway looked gorgeous in a black bikini as she visited a cave in beautiful Greece. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa Holloway showed fans she wasn’t joking when she revealed in a social media post that she would continue posting honeymoon pictures after she returned home.

Alessa went to Mykonos for a trip and documented her travels with her 611k Instagram followers.

Max Holloway joined Alessa for a romantic honeymoon celebration. The two went to a five-star resort known for its natural caves and stunning accommodations.

The celebration came after the lovebirds tied the knot in an intimate ceremony.

Alessa shared posts from the honeymoon last week and credited Max for taking beautiful pictures of her.

The latest content saw the professional surfer in a cheeky bikini from her Greece trip.

Alessa took full advantage of her hotel amenities, allowing the resort to serve as a backdrop to a few fantastic photos.

Alessa Holloway stuns in black bikini

Photos saw Alessa striking poses in a bikini, something she does very well considering her profession as a surfer.

The first photo saw Alessa walking away from the camera. She stood at the edge of a natural structure, with picturesque caves above and beside her.

Although she remained relatively shaded next to the bright water’s reflection, her tanned skin was apparent in her black two-piece bikini. The clear blue water reflected from the bottom of the shot to the ceiling, adding a beautiful optical illusion.

She let the pictures talk, opting for a fairy emoji and a star as the caption.

Alessa ran her fingers through her shoulder-length honey-brown hair and revealed a gold bangle on her wrist.

A swipe right saw the Billabong model as she got a little bit closer to the water. She stood on her tippy-toes and kneeled at the edge as she arched her back and looked straight ahead.

Alessa Quizon and Max Holloway get married

Alessa and Max got married in a beautiful display of love, athleticism, and Hawaiian pride. As many fans know, Alessa and Max were born in Hawaii, and both have excelled at their respective sports.

While Alessa has shredded waves professionally since age 13, Max has seen great success as an MMA fighter with the nickname Blessed.

The MMA fighter was previously married and had a child, Rush, with Kaimana Pa’aluhi. The two got divorced in 2012.

As for Alessa, she was involved with a pro surfer, Brazilian native Caio Ibelli.

The lovers documented their beach wedding on social media, and the event captured the couple’s personality.

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