Alessa Holloway sizzles in skimpy bikini with a gorgeous view of Greece

alessa holloway
Professional surfer Alessa Holloway is celebrating her honeymoon in style with a tiny bikini. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa Holloway celebrated her love in style by wearing a tiny bikini on vacation in Mykonos, Greece.

The Billabong face just dropped never-before-seen pictures, and the view was insane. She also promised more photos to come, likely to the delight of her fans.

She and her new husband, Max Holloway, got married a few months ago but didn’t celebrate their honeymoon until recently. That could be because both husband and wife are professional athletes. Alessa has been one of the top surfers for over a decade, and during that time, Max has had a successful career in MMA.

While it looked like smooth sailing for the couple, each had previous relationships before finding love together.

Before Alessa began dating Max, she dated a fellow pro-surfer, Brazilian native Caio Ibelli. Max and Alessa don’t have any children together yet, but Max brings his son Rush Holloway into the marriage from a previous relationship.

The two newlyweds spent their honeymoon working on their tan, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and snapping photos together. It seemed like the two lovebirds were making up for the lost time in the series of scenic photos backed by Grecian buildings and old architecture.

Alessa Holloway turns heads in tiny black bikini for honeymoon

Alessa looked like she was in her natural habitat, rocking a bikini that hugged her curves and flattered her fit figure. She looked off into the distance as she stood on a white porch.

She pointed her toes and pivoted her hips as the wind blew her signature locks and the sun kissed her skin.

Behind Alessa, there were blue skies and a single cloud. There were also multiple sailboats in the calm seas below her.

Alessa tagged her husband, known as Blessed in the MMA. She also tagged Billabong, the company that has served as her sponsor since she first turned professional at age 13.

Alessa’s caption offered an exciting prospect.

Her caption said, “Get ready for a week of Mykonos spam from our honeymoon trip lol! Thanks hubby for taking all of my pics @blessedmma.”

Alessa Holloway and Billabong go way back

Alessa represents Billabong in many of her bikini photos as she has remained loyal to the brand.

She discussed her relationship with Billabong in an interview a few years ago.

Alessa told Into The Gloss, “My first sponsor, my major sponsor, was Billabong. I’ve been with them since I was 11—I’m 25 now. I was blessed with Billabong.”

She continued, “They pay for all my expenses—travel, business expenses… and it all helps to let me live this life that I live.”

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