Alessa Holloway shares serene moment during peaceful ocean swim

Alessa Holloway close up
Alessa Holloway looks stunning as she takes a nice refreshing dip into the ocean. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Professional surfer Alessa Holloway left her worries behind her as she indulged in the simplicities of the salty ocean water.

The Hawaiian surfer looked nothing short of perfect as she leaned her head back and soaked her hair during a relaxing ocean dip.

Alessa has always had a true connection with and overall admiration for the water, and this share was the perfect demonstration of just that.

The 29-year-old sported a gorgeous vibrant-colored bikini while she took a break from her vigorous training schedule.

Alessa was kind enough to share the picture shot with her 612k followers via Instagram.

She captioned the shot with a couple of simple yet effective emojis, “🧚‍♂️✨ 📸.”

Alessa Holloway enjoys a serene moment in her string bikini

Alessa was captured in the salty water while she rested along the shallow ocean floor.

The Hawaiian beauty sported a pretty purple and white-trimmed string bikini that provided Alessa with much support while she soaked in the water.

She further accessorized with an assortment of gold jewelry. She wore a gold necklace along with a couple of hoop earrings that dangled from her ears.

Alessa looked effortlessly gorgeous while she enjoyed her much-needed beach therapy.

Fans certainly showed their appreciation for the post, as the shot received over 7.3k likes.

Alessa Holloway recently celebrated a birthday

In another recent Instagram post, Alessa shared a very special moment with her followers.

The athlete announced that she was celebrating her 29th year around the sun, and in typical Alessa fashion, she went out with a bang.

In the birthday shots that she shared, the surfer was captured with her mouth open and cake all over her face.

Alessa looked surprised by the cake smashing but also incredibly happy at the same time.

She sported a yellow and white-trimmed bikini, a multi-colored button-up, and a beautiful lei that she wore around her neck.

Overall, the surfer seemed to enjoy her special birthday celebration as she captioned the post, “So this is 29? I’m here for it!🔥.”

Alessa Holloway is a proud partner of Celsius

As a professional surfer, it would only make sense for Alessa to be fully alert, as her energy levels would also need to be at an all-time high while training and riding the waves. This is why Alessa gravitated toward Celsius.

Celsius Energy is known for its high-quality energy products as they leave its customers feeling clean and healthy, without all of the common jitters that other energy drinks tend to have.

Alessa has worked with the company a dozen times and continues to express her admiration for the brand and everything it stands for.

In another recent post, the Hawaiian beauty smiled from ear to ear as she posed on the beach while she held on closely to her purple surfboard.

She rocked a bright red bikini set that included a classic red bikini top and some cheeky, low-rise bottoms. Both pieces looked incredible on the surfer, effortlessly accentuating her hourglass figure.

She captioned the post, “@celsiusofficial getting me through these fun packed days ✨ #celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner.”

Fans can now shop the wide selection of refreshing energy drinks online through their website or find them at select local stores.

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