Alessa Holloway rides the waves for impressive surf showdown

Alessa Holloway close up.
Alessa Holloway shows off her surfing skills as she cruises along the waves. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

The beautiful and incredibly talented Alessa Holloway certainly didn’t shy away from showcasing her natural skillset on her surfboard as she took to the ocean for another impressive cruise along the waves.

Over the years, the 29-year-old professional surfer has been known for her exceptional skills, along with her killer looks and bubbly personality.

In her latest share, Alessa demonstrated just that.

The Hawaiian beauty was spotted showing off her talents along the salty ocean water as she cut in and out of the waves.

Alessa showed no signs of fear or weakness as she instead showcased nothing but beauty and confidence.

Luckily for her fans, the athlete was kind enough to share this scenic moment with all of her loyal followers via Instagram.

Alessa Holloway cruises along the ocean in her teeny bikini

In the short video that Alessa provided, the athlete was captured cruising along the rippling waves while she effortlessly balanced on her white surfboard.

While she enjoyed a sunset cruise, the pro surfer sported a beautiful teeny red bikini. The matching bikini set included a classic spaghetti string top along with a pair of cheeky, high-waisted bottoms.

Both pieces looked incredible on the surfer as they certainly highlighted her beautiful curves and overall toned physique.

As expected, Alessa’s hair was soaked from the constant splashing along the waves, and as a result, her damp locks were placed behind her back.

To add a sense of serenity to the clip, Alessa inputted the song Dream by Alex Lustig over the video, which made it more mesmerizing.

She captioned the post, “Little reforms that keep giving ✨🎥 @birdybirdhi @matt_biolos @lostsurfboards @celsiusofficial.”

Alessa Holloway loves spending time in the ocean

Alessa never holds back when it comes down to expressing her deep admiration for the ocean.

In another post, the athlete was captured in the salty water while she was spotted lying down along the shallow ocean floor.

Alessa sported a purple and white-trimmed string bikini that provided Alessa with much support while she relaxed in the cool ocean water.

She went on to accessorize with an assortment of gold jewelry that included a gold necklace along with a couple of hoop earrings that dangled from her ears.

Alessa looked effortlessly stunning while she enjoyed her much-needed beach therapy.

Fans certainly showed their appreciation for the post as well, as the shot received just under 10,000 likes.

She simply captioned the post with, “🧚‍♂️✨ 📸 @haakeaulana.”

Alessa Holloway is a proud Celsius partner

As a professional surfer, it would only make sense for Alessa’s energy levels to be at an all-time high while training along the waves.

The Hawaiian beauty has found that perfect balance as she’s a proud partner of Celsius Energy.

Celsius Energy is known for its tasty energy products as they leave its customers feeling clean and healthy, without all the common jitters in other energy products.

In another recent Instagram post, Alessa shared her appreciation for the company once more.

The pro surfer was captured running up from the ocean as she headed toward the sand with a huge smile on her face.

She then reached out her hand as an Artic Vibe Celsius energy drink was waiting for her. Alessa further took the tasty drink as she was spotted quickly cracking the can.

Alessa happily sipped the beverage as she relaxed on the beach while sporting a beautiful, multi-colored bikini set.

Celsius is Alessa’s go-to drink as it gives her the appropriate amount of energy for her everyday activities.

The caption read, “The best way to fuel a beach walk ✨#celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner @celsiusofficial.”

Fans can now browse and shop the wide selection of refreshing energy drinks on their official website or find them at select local stores while supplies last.

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