Alessa Holloway ‘plays on land’ for epic ocean photo shoot

Alessa Holloway close up.
Alessa Holloway is stunning as she poses on the cliffs for a scenic ocean view. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa Holloway took a break from riding the salty ocean waves to instead enjoy them from a distance this time.

The professional surfer looked heavenly as she posed on top of the cliffs while she overlooked the beautiful blue ocean.

As Alessa elegantly posed under the glowing sun, she was captured wearing a beautiful, vibrant-colored ensemble.

As if one photograph wasn’t captivating enough, the surfer provided a whole carousel of shots that were all taken at different angles.

Per usual, Alessa looked effortlessly gorgeous in each of the sunny shots as she encapsulated the perfect ’90s nostalgia along the ocean.

Luckily for fans, the Hawaiian beauty shared the array of photographs with her 632,000 followers via Instagram.

Alessa Holloway is stunning as she models along the ocean

In the first slide, the athlete posed along the cream-colored cliff as one leg was perched along the rock while the other casually swung down along the side.

While she posed, Alessa was spotted wearing a bright pink halter top supported by a tiny clasp that rested in the middle of the vibrant-colored piece.

For her bottoms, the surfer rocked a pair of high-waisted denim jeans that were covered in multi-colored designs. The wide-legged jeans featured an array of fun, colorful drawings that gave the denim a cool, 90s feel.

In typical Alessa fashion, the surfer coordinated the funky-styled jeans with a matching pair of Chuck Taylors. The sneakers were the same color as the pants and they also incorporated the same artwork as well.

For her hair, Alessa left her dark locks pushed over to one side of her body as they further trickled down her back.

She styled the electrifying fit with a couple of flashy bracelets that dazzled and shined in the glowing sunlight.

She captioned the post, “When the ??‍♀️’s decide to play on land ✨? @haakeaulana.”

Steal The Style

Get Alessa’s doodle style

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Alessa Holloway is stunning both on land and in the water

In another Instagram share, Alessa got a drone-like object to follow her around the ocean while it captured her epic cruise along the blue and white rippling water.

The surfer sported a light-colored bikini set for the occasion while she threw a multi-colored button-up over the top.

The vibrant-colored top was purposefully left unbuttoned while it blew in the wind behind her.

While she demonstrated her endless talent, many other surfers were spotted patiently waiting for their turn to ride while Alessa swerved in and out.

The athlete went ahead and even added the song Low by SZA to the video, which made it even more captivating to watch.

She captioned the post, “Monday’s vibe ??‍♂️✨ ? @birdybirdhi.”

Alexa Holloway is a proud Celsius partner

As a professional surfer, it would only make sense for Alessa to be fully alert as her energy levels would also need to be at an all-time high while training and cruising along the waves.

However, the Hawaiian beauty has found that perfect balance as she’s a proud sponsor of Celsius Energy.

Celsius Energy is known for its refreshing energy products as they leave its customers feeling clean and healthy, without all of the common jitters found in other energy products.

In another Instagram post, the pro surfer was captured in her baby blue golf cart as she stared out into the green distance.

Alessa held her sparkling lemon-lime Celsius energy drink in her hand while she got ready to crack the can open.

The Hawaiian athlete sported a pair of black athletic shorts and a matching black tank top while she further rocked a pair of white Nikes and some flashy gold bracelets.

Overall, Alessa looked fabulous as she enjoyed a nice sunny game of golf while simultaneously supporting one of her favorite brands.

She captioned this scenic shot, “@celsiusofficial and 9 holes, why not? ⛳️.”

Fans can shop the wide selection of tasty energy drinks online through their website or find them at select local stores.

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