Alessa Holloway is pretty in pink athletic wear for promo

Alessa Holloway looks amazaing with a flower tucked behind her ear.
Alessa Holloway stuns during her time in Greece. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

When Alessa Holloway isn’t catching waves in the ocean with impeccable balance, she’s living her best life in some of the trendiest fashion gear ever.

She recently shared a gorgeous photo of herself on her Instagram Story that proves it.

Alessa showed off her amazing figure and perfect curves in a pink two-piece fitness outfit that made her figure look incredible. The pink sports bra had thick straps and enough coverage to provide her with the right amount of modesty.

Her high-waisted leggings came in a matching shade of pink, hugging her hips and waist perfectly. A few inches of skin over her midsection were easy to see, along with her toned arms and upper chest.

She accessorized with a couple of gold bracelets and a large ring on one finger. She wore her darker brown hair swooped to the side over one shoulder with a fresh face with minimal makeup, as if she wasn’t wearing any makeup.

The professional surfer resides in Makaha, Hawaii, and spends the majority of her time in bikinis that leave very little to the imagination.

Alessa Holloway dazzles in pink

Alessa Holloway shows off her curves in a pink fitness suit.
Alessa Holloway stuns in a pink fitness outfit. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa looks absolutely incredible in two-piece bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, cut-out swimwear, and more whenever she’s spending time in the great outdoors. She also looks fabulous when she’s dressed up for solid workouts in the gym.

The talented athlete wasn’t just posing in a matching workout set, though. She was also representing a drink brand that she’s passionate about these days.

Now that Alessa is a Celsius brand partner, tons of her content features cans of Celsius in different delicious flavors.

Alessa Holloway promotes Celsius

Celsius energy drinks have been designed to help people feel more motivated and excited to hit the gym and start working out. According to their Instagram bio, they offer essential energy.

Alessa posed for a gorgeous outdoor picture wearing her stunning pink fitness gear with her pup right in front of her. She held a can of Celsius in her hand to keep it away from her dog’s eager tongue.

She added a playful caption that said, “Caustic boy trying to steal some of my @celsiusofficial [tongue-out emoji] #celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner @celsiusofficial.”

Alessa looked comfortable and casual in gray and blue sneakers that were laced up as she proudly represented the Celsius drink brand. As a brand partner, she’s shared several posts to encourage her followers to drink Celsius by showing off their many flavors including Kiwi Guava and Fuji Apple Pear.

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