Alessa Holloway ‘gets the day going’ with incredible nature scenery

Alessa Holloway close up.
Alessa Holloway is absolutely stunning as she enjoys a nice scenic adventure in her checkered outfit. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

The beautiful and incredibly talented Alessa Holloway certainly has unmatched energy, especially regarding her skills on the surfboard.

However, in a recent share, the Hawaiian athlete set aside her beloved board and took a lovely scenic adventure around the mountains instead.

Alessa seemed to set aside her worries as she stared peacefully out into the ocean as the green mountains towered in the background.

As the surfer stared out into the distance, she closely held her favorite energy drink while posing for various stellar shots.

Alessa was in a matching, checkered set that undoubtedly added to the scenic views.

Luckily for her fans, the athlete uploaded the shots onto Instagram, sharing them with her 631,000 loyal followers.

Alessa Holloway is stunning in her black and white checkered fit

In the first slide, Alessa was captured staring out into the distance while she faced her back toward the camera.

The surfer chose a matching two-piece set for this epic adventure as she donned a black and white checkered fit.

The set included a black and white cropped tank top and a pair of high-waisted shorts. Both pieces fit Alessa perfectly as they highlighted her beautiful curves and toned figure.

In the second slide, the Hawaiian beauty remained facing the ocean, but this time, she posed with her hands high up in the air as she looked to be thoroughly enjoying the serene moment.

In the last slide, Alessa stood in a different area this time as no mountains were present, only the beautiful blue ocean in front of her.

She coordinated her lovely checkered fit with a pair of leopard-printed Nikes and an assortment of flashy gold bracelets.

Her long hair was further placed behind her, as her shiny locks perfectly flowed along her back for the three shots.

Overall, Alessa looked phenomenal while she enjoyed her mini-getaway.

She captioned the post, “@celsiusofficial to get the day goin⚡️ #celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner @celsiusofficial.”

Steal The Style

Get Alessa’s cute checkerboard style

Checkerboard knitted shorts by Gianni Feraud


Alessa’s outfits have been amazing recently, she’s one to watch! We loved this cute black and white checkerboard co-ord she wore to advertise Celsius, so we hunted for something similar so you can copy her look.

These knitted checkerboard shorts by Gianni Feraud are a great dupe for Alessa’s look – the sage green color is perfect for spring, and we love the soft knit fabric. The best part? They’re currently on sale for less than half the original price for just $53!

Pair them with a knitted tank or crop top and a pair of fresh Air Force 1s.

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Alessa Holloway is a proud Celsius partner

As a professional surfer, Alessa’s energy levels must be at an all-time high while training and cruising along the rippling waves. This is exactly why Alessa gravitated toward Celsius energy.

Celsius Energy is known for its premium energy products as they leave its customers feeling clean and healthy, without all those uncomfortable jitters that other energy drinks tend to have.

Alessa has worked happily with the company a handful of times and continues to express her admiration for the brand and everything it stands for.

In another Instagram post, the Hawaiian beauty held her beloved Celsius drink in one hand while she cradled her white surfboard in the other.

Alessa rested the Arctic Vibe Celsius drink on her leg while she smiled down at the can.

The surfer wore a matching mint green bikini set for her fit that accentuated her toned physique.

She captioned the post, “Energized⚡️ #celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner @celsiusofficial.”

Fans can shop the wide selection of tasty drinks online through their website or find them at select local stores.

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