Alessa Holloway all smiles in a red bikini for beach day

Alessa Holloway smiling
Alessa Holloway looked stunning in a red bikini on the beach. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Professional surfer Alessa Holloway, formerly known as Alessa Quizon, flashed a bright smile in a revealing red bikini for a beach day.

Standing next to a periwinkle-colored surfboard, the brunette beauty appeared happy and healthy as she showed off her sculpted physique.

The swimsuit emphasized her toned, natural curves as it rose high on her hips and dipped super low on top.

Not to mention, the bold shade of red complimented her bronze skin perfectly.

Alessa wore her hair down in a windswept, I-woke-up-like-this sort of fashion that alluded to her carefree nature.

As a brand ambassador for the energy drink CELSIUS, it’s no surprise that Alessa gave the product a shout-out in the caption, “@celsiusofficial getting me through these fun packed days ✨.”

In the comment section, several of Alessa’s 611K followers gave a shout-out to Alessa’s husband, featherweight champion Max Holloway, writing, “Max is blessed.”

Alessa Holloway Instagram comments
Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

But of course, that’s not the only red-hot social media post Alessa has recently shared. 

Alessa Holloway showed off new haircut in skin-tight sports bra and white leggings

Going in for the opposite of “the chop,” Alessa posted a video earlier this week to show off her brand-new hair extensions.

The professional surfer from Makaha, Hawaii, looked fabulous in a skin-tight green sports bra and white leggings as she played around with her long, wavy locks.

As usual, Alessa kept her makeup clean to highlight her naturally flawless complexion.

She wore a simple chain necklace and bracelet stack, allowing her larger-than-life gold engagement ring to do all the talking.

She gave her hairdresser some love in the caption, writing, “@instarahgram always making me feel like a mermaid while up keeping my hair 🧜🏽‍♀️✨.”

Alessa Holloway looked stunning in a black bikini exploring an ice cave

During a trip to Mykonos earlier this month, the gorgeous 28-year-old was captured on camera as she explored a stunning ice cave.

Alessa was wearing a black string bikini that accentuated her athletic frame beautifully and left little to the imagination.

Her rich, dark features looked breathtaking against the crystal clear water and icy-white backdrop.

Alessa had a thoughtful, far-off look on her face as she gazed at the beauty surrounding her.

She kept it simple with the caption, saying, “The cave 💎✨.”

As a shock to no one, the dreamy Instagram Post garnered over 13K likes in the first three days.

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