Alana Blanchard poses with her surfboard on a gorgeous beach

Alana Blanchard poses for a selfie on the beach
Alana Blanchard promoted her skincare brand in a bikini. Pic credit: @alanarblanchard/Instagram

Alana Blanchard looked stunning in a beach-themed promotion for her skincare brand, Pursuit Beauty.

The 32-year-old pro surfer headed to a beautiful beach for the video promotion. She stood on the sand next to a blue surfboard with the palm trees behind her creating a gorgeous tropical setting.

Blanchard was dressed for the beach in a bikini that showed off her toned midriff. The bikini top was hot pink, while her bottoms were sky blue with a floral pattern on them.

She kept her look very natural and wore her hair loose for the video. It can be seen tousling in the wind in the short clip.

For her caption, Blanchard merely tagged Pursuit Beauty. She didn’t speak in the video, preferring to film the promotion to the backdrop of Arknjo’s I Will Be There.

Blanchard was promoting the lip balm that Pursuit Beauty sells and captured herself applying some to her lips.

Alana Blanchard promoted Pursuit Beauty

As a pro surfer, Blanchard spends a large majority of her time in the sun. Just as she demonstrated in the video, lip protection is necessary when hitting the beach on a sunny day.

Alana Blanchard promotes Pursuit Beauty on the beach for her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @alanarblanchard/Instagram

Blanchard launched her sun and skincare brand over the summer this year. She partnered with Gloss Ventures to co-found Pursuit Beauty.

Working with sun and skincare products is something that Blanchard had always wanted to do because she and her family spend most of their days out in the sun.

With her fiancé, Jack Freestone, also being a pro surfer and them sharing two children, the whole family spends a lot of time outdoors together. As a result, it was especially important for her to create a sun and skincare brand that was affordable and simple.

To accomplish this, Pursuit Beauty mixes SPF into each product so that one’s daily skincare routine will have them covered and protected from the sun.

The SPF products Pursuit Beauty sells include sunscreen, face cleanser, lip balm, and hydrating and neutralizing sticks. All of the products are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Blanchard recently promoted Cariuma

In addition to her surfing career and Pursuit Beauty business, Blanchard also frequently partners with and promotes other brands. Most recently, she promoted the Cariuma shoe brand.

She has been partnering with the brand since 2020, when she first announced she was a part of the company. Blanchard was delighted that the company plants a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair of shoes sold.

For her most recent promotion, she donned a pair of white Cariuma sneakers to pick some avocados. The Cariuma’s featured the company’s signature leaf logo on the side.

She paired her shoes with a red bikini top and a pair of high-waisted purple pants. She stood precariously on the back of a car to reach the higher avocados.

In the trunk of her car, a white and blue surfboard could be spotted. In her caption, she explained that Cariuma had a discount code named after her for 15% off.

Blanchard is staying busy and productive as she expands her own business and also promotes and partners with other brands.

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