AEW’s Harley Cameron reveals ‘new whip’ for Powerhouse Hobbs

aew star harley cameron selfie shot
AEW star Harley Cameron showed fans the new whip QT Marshall bought for Powerhouse Hobbs. Pic credit: @dani_ellexo/Instagram

With her recent appearances on All Elite Wrestling, Aussie stunner Harley Cameron could be ready to take professional wrestling by storm.

Harley, real name Danni Elle, is an Australian-born wrestler and singer who has transitioned into a role as an on-screen journalist alongside AEW stars QT Marshall and Powerhouse Hobbs for TMZ-style segments.

She recently unveiled a sizzling video of herself as she modeled a customized and decorated black sedan she claimed QT purchased for Hobbs. The sedan featured red trim around the car’s exterior, red wheels, tinted windows, and the word “MONSTAA” in a fancy yellow font.

She rocked a thigh-skimming short black skirt with a gorgeous red crop top and black high heels in the video.

Harley kept her blonde locks straight and flowing down to her chest and opted to wear reading glasses, part of her recent look in AEW.

She did a quick spin, revealing her lean and toned legs in a video appropriately set to the song B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All).

“@realqtmarshall came through and got @true_will_hobbs a new whip ? well deserved we think ?? !” she wrote in her caption, tagging QT and Hobbs.

“#qtv The finest in Wrestling Journalism and now Car Purchases ?,” Harley wrote, referencing her AEW gimmick.

The video received some attention from fans, with over 3,700 likes arriving with at least 30 comments for Harley’s video clip.

Tony Schiavone hypes up Harley Cameron’s AEW future

Last month, Harley began appearing in a new series of backstage segments alongside QT and Hobbs, as she portrayed a journalist in a stunning business suit dress. For that look, she had her hair styled up rather than flowing.

The segment, QTV, is a spoof of TMZ’s television show, which features QT as a character similar to TMZ’s Harvey Levin, talking about the latest celebrity news and gossiping with his team.

Based on comments from AEW’s Tony Schiavone, he believes this is the start of Harley’s launch into stardom within professional wrestling.

“The girl Harley [Cameron] is going to be a big star; there’s no question in my mind,” Schiavoni said per Wrestling Inc.

“This is obviously a rip-off and some of the jokes that they have in there are going to be fun.”

She previously debuted in August 2022 in an AEW Dark match against Willow Nightingale. Unfortunately, Harley was on the losing side. More recently, she got involved outside the ring during a match featuring Powerhouse Hobbs.

In addition to the above, wrestling fans saw Harley pop up as part of a collaboration with WWE’s Shotzi and Scarlett Bordeaux for a Halloween-themed song and music video in 2022.

Harley Cameron shared her 2021 group gym session

Harley was rocking red hair several years ago rather than her recent blonde look. That was before her professional wrestling days with AEW when she was still training for the ring.

She shared a 2021 workout montage video on her Instagram featuring herself working out alongside other women at a gym.

At the start, Harley and another woman were seen performing unique squats using one side of a barbell with some weight on it. Next up, the video showed Harley lying on a workout bench, wearing an exercise band across her legs, and resting a dumbbell across her hips to perform hip thrusts.

From there, three women were pictured on the ground with bands around their legs as they perform additional leg exercises. Next up, Harley balanced on one leg and held a nearby metal post, and then a unique rear leg exercise as she was on all fours to press a barbell on a Smith machine using the bottom of her foot.

More squats and kickback moves were also shown as part of the routine before the video closed.

“Can’t stop won’t stop ! ???? Making sure we stay accountable ?❤️,” she wrote in the IG post’s caption.

It seems she’s worked hard over the past several years and could finally be moving on to bigger things with All Elite Wrestling.

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TBS. AEW Rampage airs Fridays at 10/9c on TNT.

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