AEW star Toni Storm appears in wrestling and boxing rings with latest snaps

aew star toni storm selfie
AEW’s Toni Storm shared stunning shots from the wrestling and boxing rings. Pic credit: @tonistorm_/Instagram

All Elite Wrestling star Toni Storm has shared a jaw-dropping new visual with fans as she appeared for a shot in a different ring than fans are used to seeing her compete in.

The New Zealand-Australian pro wrestler struck a pose inside a boxing ring wearing skimpy lingerie as she knelt in the ring corner.

Storm rocked a black leather bra with sheer straps and matching panties that had some metal hardware visible on the waist area.

Adding to Storm’s sizzling look were sleek knee-high black boots and what appeared to be a red scarf or handkerchief around her neck.

Storm knelt in the ring corner with one leg extended forward and her arm grabbing the ring ropes. She held a fierce expression as she glanced toward the camera, her short blond hair flowing to the side of her face.

She had no caption, instead letting her latest image speak for itself. As of this writing, Storm’s stunning boxing photo had racked up over 28,000 likes and a handful of comments since Storm had limited commenting on the post.

Toni Storm’s recent AEW appearances

Storm is usually seen in the wrestling ring, as she has been since her previous time with WWE and, most recently, AEW. The former AEW Women’s Champion has most recently aligned herself with former WWE star Paige, known as Saraya in AEW, and Ruby Roho, for a heel trio called the Outcasts.

Ahead of Storm’s eye-catching boxing photo, she shared an IG carousel post from her appearances in the AEW ring as she knelt in the corner and held the top rope, preparing for a trademark move.

In her third slide, Storm was rushing toward the opposite corner, about to connect on a hip splash to her opponent. A final slide had the New Zealand-Australian wrestling star posing as she stood in the middle of the wrestling ring, flexing her arms.

This particular IG post picked up over 58,000 likes for Storm and also had limited comments from various admirers.

Storm’s most recent appearance with AEW was this past Wednesday for a Dynamite show featuring stars including Jade Cargill, Leila Grey, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, and more.

For Storm’s match, she battled Skye Blue in the ring. According to SB Nation, Blue had the momentum at one point, but Soho distracted the referee. Ultimately, Storm won after a hip check, German suplex, and piledriver for the pin.

Following the match, the Outcasts tried to use their spray paint on Blue, but Willow Nightingale and Riho rushed to the ring to make the save.

Toni Storm talked about working on her physical and mental health

As seen in Storm’s photos above, she takes her craft seriously and has built herself to a level where she has a sculpted look with the necessary power and strength for the wrestling ring.

Last year, Storm talked about changing things for her health, as she indicated she was previously making some “bad lifestyle choices” earlier in her life.

“Sometimes there’s some bad food on the road, maybe some drinks after the shows, and that really caught up with me because I was just constantly on the road for years with no routine, not getting enough sleep. All of those things started to weigh heavy on me, but now I don’t drink any alcohol. I’ve noticed an immense difference. My workouts and everything has totally changed,” she told Muscle & Fitness.

Storm’s typical week of training features three to four workout sessions, which she will split up with one leg day and then one or two upper body days.

She’ll often use circuit training to improve cardio, strength, and stamina for a “taxing wrestling match,” but she also will take long walks with her dog as another form of exercise.

Along with paying attention to her diet and training hard, she also focuses on her mental health and seeing trolls for what they are.

“I was a teenager coming up in this business, and I’ve grown … and I’m noticing that a lot of comments do get made about our bodies,” she said of online criticism.

However, Storm said she still realizes she’ll get up each day with the birds still singing as she continues to better herself. She passed along an important message to others regarding their mental health.

“It can be really hard for a young woman to adopt that strong mentality, but I urge every young woman to just take care of their head, number one, and not listen to anyone, not care about what strangers have to say,” Storm said.

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TBS. AEW Rampage airs Fridays at 10/9c on TNT.

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