AEW star Saraya stuns in plunging top with surgery update

aew star saraya reveals hair and makeup
AEW star Saraya gave fans an update after her recent surgery. Pic credit: @saraya/Instagram

All Elite Wrestling’s Saraya Bevis, formerly known as Paige in WWE, gave her fans and followers an update as she revealed a stunning look courtesy of her hair and makeup artist.

The wrestling star shared a video clip from the chair after she got all glammed up, with Zac Phoenix responsible for the gorgeous hair and makeup.

Her latest look included a striking shade of red lipstick along with light eyeliner and dark lashes. Her long, wavy locks fell down to her back and front to chest level as she smiled at the camera.

Along with the beautiful makeup and hair, Saraya wore all-black attire, including a plunging halter top and baggy leather or faux-leather pants. In addition to the video clip, she shared a few photos of herself to show the radiant look further.

“Tell me, how long have you been this gorgeous?” Zac asked from off-camera, with Saraya laughing and playing it up, saying, “Gorgeous darling, gorgeous,” as the camera gave a close-up.

“@zac_phoenix thanks for bringing me back to life after spending a week with a giant face after wisdom teeth surgery ?,” Saraya wrote in her caption.

She revealed she had wisdom teeth surgery a week ago and shared a Twitter video where she attempted to talk with gauze pads still in her mouth. Her tweet indicated she was still in “full glam” from the previous evening and had just woken up.

While the number of likes isn’t visible for Saraya’s latest Instagram glam post, the comments are. As of this writing, over 1,100 comments had arrived reacting to Saraya’s stunning look.

She shared more of Phoenix’s impressive makeup and hair work in a post last week (below) featuring another gorgeous look.

“I need @zac_phoenix to glam me every day of my life,” she wrote in the post’s caption.

Phoenix has styled other former WWE stars, including The Bella Twins, as revealed in several posts on Phoenix’s Instagram.

Saraya’s next AEW match revealed

With her wisdom teeth surgery taken care of, Saraya is looking to get back into action with AEW. Fans saw her in a high-profile match against Dr. Britt Baker DMD at AEW All Out, marking Saraya’s first match since she had to retire from in-ring work with WWE in 2018.

Saraya, a former champion with WWE, defeated Baker in the match. Now it appears they’ll get back in the ring again.

However, this will be a tag team bout. Baker will team up with the AEW Women’s Champion, Jamie Hayter, to battle Saraya and a partner of her choice.

According to eWrestlingNews, the match is set to take place on AEW Dynamite on January 11 in Los Angeles, California.

Saraya Bevis appeared in WWE workout video

Saraya mostly kept her arrival to AEW a surprise, creating a massive pop from the crowd when she appeared weeks ago at Grand Slam. She joined the company after officially leaving WWE when her contract expired this past July.

However, she achieved much of her fame as Paige in WWE, including multiple reigns as WWE Divas Champion and a historic simultaneous reign as the WWE Divas and NXT Women’s Champion.

Several years ago, WWE shared a video on YouTube profiling her workouts in the WWE Body Series on their channel. She mentioned at the time she worked out “at least three times a week.”

“I pretty much do a standard workout,” she shared, adding, “I’ll go and do legs one day. Another day I’ll go and do upper body/lower body, and then lastly, I’ll do everything as well as a little bit of treadmill and abs.”

Saraya mentioned that the business can really “kick your b**t” and that if she feels tired, a good workout often helps her wake up. She said she loves seeing results, and working out can help people “feel like a million dollars.”

The video features her doing various exercises, including lunges with dumbbells, lat pulldowns on a machine, and Russian twists using a medicine ball. There’s even some boxing as part of her routine.

However, a lot has probably changed with her training since those earlier days. In 2017, Saraya suffered an impact injury to her neck after having surgery the previous year.

That ended up bringing her WWE in-ring career to an unfortunate end. However, the 30-year-old wrestling star’s return to AEW for matches shows that she’s continued to rehab properly and likely trains safely so she can do what she loves.

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TBS. AEW Rampage airs Fridays at 10/9c on TNT.

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