AEW star Jade Cargill stuns in her bedroom with 6-pack abs

All elite wrestling star Jade Cargill's selfie from the bedroom.
Jade Cargill continues to show why she’s one of the most powerful women in All Elite Wrestling. Pic credit: @jadecargill/Instagram

Wrestling star Jade Cargill showed fans and followers what lots of hard work and dedication at the gym can create with a stunning snap of herself on social media.

The 30-year-old All Elite Wrestling star posed in a bedroom photo wearing a skimpy bikini featuring a captivating purple, green, and black flame-like pattern.

Jade wore colorful eye shadow and soft pink lipstick while keeping her short hair white, just like her recent look for AEW appearances.

In the photo, Jade is seated on a bed with white sheets, pillows, and a cream-colored headboard.

The main star of her pic is her impressive physique, with her sculpted arms and shoulders along with some rock-hard abdominal muscles very visible.

“Self confidence is the best outfit. rock it. own it,” Jade wrote in her caption, tagging celebrity Vanessa Hudgens since she’s wearing an item from her Fabletics collection.

The Instagram share also includes an additional slide with a quote from Byron Katie, which reads, “It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine.”

Jade previously shared another set of photos in the bikini above, showing her seated in a few different positions on the bed and also tagging Vanessa Hudgens, likely to get her attention and maybe some love from Fabletics.

Fans react to Jade’s latest photo share

The latest photo from Jade Cargill was a hit, as the Instagram post pulled in over 500 comments from fans admiring the jaw-dropping look.

“Shine bright🔥 cause she a diamond,” one fan commented as praise for the AEW star.

Fan comments on Jade Cargill physique in bikini.
Pic credit: @jadecargill/Instagram

“🔥🔥lord abs all mighty,” another fan commented, reacting to the impressive abs in the photo.

Fan comments on Jade Cargill physique in bikini.
Pic credit: @jadecargill/Instagram

Another individual remarked that Jade appeared “etched in stone” based on her sculpted physique.

Fan comments on Jade Cargill physique in a bikini.
Pic credit: @jadecargill/Instagram

Jade Cargill shared some of her workouts recently

That incredible physique and those rock-hard abs may look like they come naturally for Jade, but they still take work to get and maintain. The AEW TBS Champion stopped by Sherri Shephard’s talk show to share some of what’s involved.

Sherri admitted when introducing the wrestling superstar that she slid into Jade’s DMs to find out about how she got those abs, so she came to the show to take Sheri through some of her exercises.

For a warmup, Jade says she usually does about five minutes of jump rope to prepare. She and Sherri did 20 seconds for TV time. From there, it was down to the floor for some Supermans, which Jade says will “work your entire body.”

Next, it was some dips using a bench to work on the triceps and the underarms, addressing a problem many people might have.

Jade also told Sherri she does hip thrusts on the bench, which is great for her ab muscles. She showed a modified version by sitting on the ground and performing a similar movement.

Most likely, Jade is doing even more than that, including lifting heaving weights at the gym and more extensive cardio. Of course, the proper diet is also essential in keeping a toned and chiseled look with those abs popping.

Whatever the AEW star is doing is working, based on the stunning photo results!

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TBS.

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