AEW star Jade Cargill shows ‘beauty in simplicity’ with bikini shoot

all elite wrestling star jade cargill selfie
AEW’s Jade Cargill shared scenes from her stunning bikini photo shoot. Pic credit: @jadecargill/Instagram

As she continues her impressive undefeated streak in All Elite Wrestling, Jade Cargill presented an important reminder about the “beauty in simplicity.”

The inaugural and still-reigning TBS champion recently uploaded a carousel post full of photos and videos showing herself wearing a gorgeous purple bikini in a stunning scene.

The 30-year-old AEW star struck a pose in what looked like a lagoon in a tropical setting with vibrant green foliage behind her. She had her hair up and pulled back with a messy ponytail visible. 

Cargill stood sideways in calm blue-green water for her outdoor shoot with one arm extended overhead before slowly moving toward her tilted-back head and chest.

A second slide had Cargill posing on a rock near the water as she tilted her head back and kept her arms behind her to support herself.

With her third slide, Cargill stood in the water again, with both arms outstretched to the sides, almost as if soaking up the beautiful scenery. The AEW star had a smile on her face and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the moment.

“I’m that girl and so are you,” dark text on a white background read in the final slide.

“There is beauty in simplicity,” Cargill’s caption read, which included a water and butterfly emoji.

Cargill’s next AEW opponent possibly revealed

Cargill’s latest bikini video and photos arrive amid her continued reign as AEW’s first-and-only TBS Champion, as Cargill’s held the belt since last January. As of January 5, 2023, she’d held the title for a year, and her seemingly unstoppable reign is still going at over 436 days now.

Since Cargill has also run up an undefeated record, it’s left many unsuccessful challengers behind. That begs the question about who she might face next, and it seems an answer arrived on AEW Dynamite.

According to Bleacher Report, Cargill appeared in the recent Dynamite and held a Canadian Open Challenge match. She defeated challenger Nicole Matthews to move to 54-0 since joining AEW, continuing her impressive undefeated streak.

After the win, Cargill talked trash on the mic, asking if that’s all Canada had to offer as an opponent. From there, Canadian Taya Valkyrie debuted with AEW, showing up to stare down the champ. After Cargill bailed, Taya taunted the champ by hitting the Jaded move on Cargill’s ringside associate Leila Grey.

That’s seemingly set the stage for a showdown in the ring between Taya, a former Impact Knockouts champion, and the undefeated TBS Champion Cargill at some point in the future.

Jade Cargill’s lower body workout routine

Cargill’s continued commitment to her craft includes a commitment to working out. Her latest bikini photos and videos show her incredible physique, including her rock-hard abs, sculpted arms, and thick legs as she struck various poses in the beautiful outdoor setting.

Cargill’s no stranger to the gym and training, as she played basketball in high school and college before eventually venturing into professional wrestling. She received training from the likes of Dustin Rhodes and Heath Slater before debuting in AEW a year later.

According to Muscle & Fitness, Cargill said she’s been “attracted to bodybuilding forever” due to her sports involvement. However, it was another sculpted professional wrestler she saw when growing up that likely attracted her to the industry.

She credits the late WWE legend Joanie “Chyna” Laurer as her inspiration — someone muscular like her.

“I watched [WWE female legend] Chyna when I was growing up, and I was muscular growing up. I would get picked on because of how built I was and seeing her embody her presence, it made me love myself and say: ‘You know what? I love my body and I want to get stronger,'” she told M&F.

Regarding her training, Cargill has shared clips on her official Instagram revealing various workouts and exercises. Based on details provided by M&F, she has quite an intense lower body routine.

For her legs, she’ll do 80 jumping jacks, a one-to-two-minute wall sit, 50 high knees, 25 lateral leg raises per side, and 15 lateral lunges per side. She follows that with 25 wall squats, 20 bench leg raises, and a one-mile run.

That’s not all; she also incorporates exercises to target her glutes. They include 50 squats, 30 leg-outs, 25 ground donkey kicks, and 20 jump squats, among others.

M&F also listed a series of abdominal exercises that Cargill uses in her routine, showing that it takes a lot of hard work to remain an undefeated and beautifully-sculpted champion.

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TBS. AEW Rampage airs Fridays at 10/9c on TNT.

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