AEW star Britt Baker reveals stunning ‘Mirror mirror’ shots featuring GSTQ

britt baker ig selfie
All Elite Wrestling’s Britt Baker shared images of her gorgeous outfit with fans. Pic credit: @realbrittbaker/Instagram

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, brought the sizzle with her latest social media content as the wrestling star unveiled a series of shots of herself in an eye-catching ensemble.

For her latest shoot, she donned a black shirt or jacket, which she left open, revealing a lacy black bralette. Baker paired that with gorgeous red Fadeaway Pants from GSTQ with long black stripes down the sides, slit cuffs near her ankles, and an elastic waistband.

She wore dark lashes and brows along with stunning pink lipstick, also keeping her brunette locks untied and flowing down. Her accessories included several thin necklaces. Baker wore black heels to complete the look, only slightly visible in her images.

The 31-year-old AEW star struck various poses in an elegant bathroom with a fancy sink and mirror. In the first, she’s seated on the countertop with one leg bent, eyes closed, and her head turned to the side.

Another photo features Baker facing the camera and playing with strands of her hair as she gives a serious stare. A fourth pic has her standing up, with an image taken of her gorgeous mirror reflection.

Baker’s final three photos seem to have been taken away from that room, with an all-white background as she is standing up to reveal her entire outfit, showing how wide the pants legs are near the bottom edge.

She kept her caption simple, going with “Mirror, mirror” from the famous fairytale Sleeping Beauty. She also credited her hair and makeup stylist, Marandan Renea, and the photographer Sadiel Ruiz, who captures AEW portraits. Among the featured wrestling stars on his profile are Brandi Rhodes, CM Punk, Toni Storm, and even current WWE star Shotzi in a 2018 image.

Baker’s Instagram carousel post was popular with friends, fans, and followers. As of this writing, it has picked up over 40,000 likes and 800-plus comments.

Britt Baker and Adam Cole are part of AEW: All Access

In the past week, AEW CEO, GM, and Head of Creative Tony Khan announced AEW: All Access, the first unscripted series to be greenlit for TBS.

It’s being described as “the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience for fans” to give them further insights into the lives of their favorite wrestlers.

Baker shared a promotional photo of herself with her boyfriend, Adam Cole, also a member of the AEW roster. Cole is seated in a steel chair with Baker standing beside him.

The couple matched with black and yellow outfits in the image, representing Baker’s favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

AEW: All Access officially premieres in March on TBS. In addition to Baker, Cole, and Khan, other stars from the promotion featured in the series are Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti, The Young Bucks, Saraya Jade Bevis (formerly WWE’s Paige), Wardlow, and Eddie Kingston.

Britt Baker shared her workout and diet insights

Baker previously talked with Muscle & Fitness about her workout and diet, indicating how she generally prefers to work out late at night. She also said she likes to mix things up, occasionally opting for a challenging Pilates workout over the gym. However, Baker also revealed some of what her gym routine looks like.

“At least four days a week, I’m in the gym, picking a body part, whether it’s legs or glutes or arms, shoulders. That’s pretty standard. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” she told M&F.

“I’m a big, big advocate on incline walking for my cardio. I broke my leg, I have bad knees, so running just does not work for me anymore, so I definitely love the incline walking and the stair master and, again, any type of HIIT fitness class, like F45,” Baker also revealed.

Since Baker has a busy schedule involving professional wrestling and her work as a dentist, she sometimes needs quick, healthy meal options. She says she’ll use prepackaged meals when she’s on the go. Baker also talked about indulgences when it comes to her diet.

“If there’s a piece of cake in front of me, or sweets, I will definitely eat those sweets. I’m not going to torture myself with food because I don’t think food should be used as punishment or reward. If I want to eat something I will, but at the same time, I like to stay healthy, I like the healthy foods,” Baker said.

Her dedication is evident as she continues to show she’s one of the top talents in professional wrestling and helped bring AEW into the picture after its launch years ago.

AEW Rampage airs Fridays at 10/9c on TNT.

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