Aeko Catori Brown: What is meaning of Chris Brown’s son’s name?

Chris Brown in the street
Chris Brown and Ammika Harris have had a baby son, Aeko Catori. Pic credit: ©Imagecollect / StarMaxWorldWide

Chris Brown finally introduced the world to his newborn son yesterday. Ammika Harris gave birth on November 20, but we waited to see photographic proof until now. They also provided us with a name: Aeko Catori.

Chris shared on Instagram a black and white photo of himself and little Aeko. In it, he’s gently holding his son’s adorable little foot. We cannot see either of their faces, but the caption reveals a name: “AEKO CATORI BROWN.

Ammika Harris confirmed the news, posting on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.


What does Aeko Catori mean?

The couple has not revealed the meaning of Aeko Catori, or why they chose those particular names. However, this has not stopped people online as well as various websites from speculating.

Aeko is alleged to be of Japanese origin, and some say it means rare.  Whereas  Catori is of Native American origin and means spirit, some conflicting information suggests it also has Greek roots and can mean Pure.

Names.org, along with other naming websites, states that Aeko is of Japanese origin and means rare. Some users on Twitter have confidently stated their belief that Aeko means rare and Catori spirit.

The name Catori seems to be a bit more common, and there is more information about it then Aeko, although the info is conflicting. TheNameMeaning.com website states it is of Native American origin and means pure. Ammika claims to be part Cherokee which might explain why the parents went with that particular appellation.

The site also suggests that Catori has Greek origins, which might explain why some folk believes it means pure.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Chris revealed that Aeko is pronounced Echo. In the post, he is pictured wearing a jacket with “Roro & Aeko,” and in the caption, he wrote “RORO & AEKO (ECHO).” Roro is the nickname he uses for his daughter Royalty.

Interestingly, while all reports indicate that Ammika and Chris had a baby boy, the naming websites mentioned above suggest Aeko and Catori are girl’s names.

We wish little Aeko Catori a long and happy life, whatever the meaning of his beautiful names.

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