Adriana Lima reunites with Victoria’s Secret for iconic return

Adriana Lima face
Adriana Lima reunites with Victoria’s Secret. Pic credit: © Pictures

Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima is back as if she never left, and she teamed up with the brand that helped make her a household name.

A social media page for Victoria’s Secret announced an Adriana collaboration in honor of a new fragrance.

As fans may recall, the company was plagued with scandals, which led to the end of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show era.

After the lingerie retailer recalibrated, selecting diverse models and promoting body positivity, things changed slightly for the brand.

And now, with the inclusion of the familiar face Adriana, things are looking up for the disgraced brand.

However, it wasn’t swimsuits or lingerie that Adriana promoted. Instead, she lent her famous face to a new fragrance campaign.

Adriana Lima promotes Victoria’s Secret Heavenly fragrance

As the advertisement revealed, Victoria’s Secret has re-introduced Heavenly, an Eau de parfum. The fragrance features hints of white jasmine, vanilla sandalwood, and gold musk for a warm and slightly sweet scent. The bottle and subsequent commercial had golden themes in alignment with the product.

At the same time as the Heavenly re-release, Victoria’s Secret also re-introduced Heavenly Dream Angel, a pink version of the previous scent. Heavenly Dream Angel features hints of raspberry nectar, amber crystal, and prismatic musk. The aroma is slightly more feminine, with floral notes and light color.

As for Adriana, she certainly fit the part of an angel as she basked in the natural light with fabric hugging her frame. The Brazilian beauty showed that her modeling skills never left, as she posed gracefully and ethereally, with magnificent results. 

Meanwhile, an Instagram page for Victoria’s Secret tagged the team of creative people who created the photoshoot magic.

Fans can purchase both fragrances at Victoria’s Secret for $59.95.

Victoria’s Secret and Adriana go way back — just like the model and her favorite exercise.

When she was walking the stage for Victoria’s Secret, fans learned that Adriana loved boxing. As Adriana explained, boxing was more than just a workout.

Adriana Lima’s boxing workout

Before Gigi and Bella Hadid shared a love for boxing as a sport, Adriana Lima paved the way for models in the industry.

Boxing provides a full-body and cardiovascular workout, making it desirable for those who want to stay in shape.

Adriana has worked with former pro boxer Michael Olajide Jr. for over a decade.

The Brazilian bombshell spoke with Vogue about why boxing was important to her.

She explained. “Boxing is therapeutic for me, for both mind and body. I’ve been doing it for over 10 years so it’s definitely my go-to workout.”

The Victoria’s Secret model continued, “I have boxing coaches in both New York and Miami, depending on which city I am in.”

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