Adele weight loss: How did she get so thin?

Adele posing on the red carpet
Adele has lost more than 40 pounds. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/StarMaxWorldwide

Singing sensation Adele was recently photographed on vacation on a beach in Anguilla, and the photos left some fans in a state of shock. The English singer has lost a dramatic amount of weight, allegedly to the tune of over 40 pounds.

The Someone Like You singer was vacationing with fellow Brit stars Harry Styles and James Corden. While on the beach, she donned a polka dot dress, and while clutching a cocktail drink, went for a dip in the Caribbean Sea.

Adele, who has been known in the past for her full figure, was widely praised for slimming down in recent years. However, these pics left some wondering if she’d gone too far. Some praised her for shedding the pounds and others suggested we all just leave her alone.


How did Adele lose weight?

Well, personal trainers are apparently Adele’s secret weapon in the battle against unwelcome flab. She allegedly has been strictly following the intense workout videos of The Body Coach Joe Wicks and those of Dalton Wong.

Wong is known for getting actors into shape and has personally trained Adele’s friend, Jennifer Lawrence.

Adele is reportedly very private about her workout sessions, choosing to do them at home behind closed doors rather than in a public gym. She follows the regimes and plans at home using videos and tutorials. The results in the last six months have been immense.

Healthy eating, such as cutting down on sugar, along with performing pilates, has also been instrumental in her weight loss.

Opinions have been very mixed over Adele’s most recent weight loss, with many people online lamenting the loss of the singer’s plump figure and natural curves.

“You were more attractive when you were plump??” said joudy5445 on Instagram in response to a Christmassy photo Adele posted two weeks ago.

“She doesn’t look like her,” said someone on Twitter.


“Go back to being big and cute Adele…getcho thick body back,” said another.

Many folks online complained that it seemed like Adele is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. People abused her for being too heavy, and now they mock her for being too skinny.

Another user pointed out that Adele has always been “absolutely stunning” in their eyes.

Adele had previously expressed how she felt comfortable in her weight. She also said she would refuse to work with anybody who suggested she should lose weight before signing a contract.

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