Adele talks plans for having a baby with boyfriend Rich Paul

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Adele got candid on her plans to expand her family with her boyfriend Rich Paul. Pic credit: ©

Adele and boyfriend Rich Paul may be expanding their family sometime soon, with both the singer and the sports manager revealing in separate interviews they may want to have a baby together in the future.

The Easy On Me singer talked about the possibility of having another baby on BBC’s Desert Island Discs podcast, saying she “definitely would like a couple more kids.”

Adele revealed her feelings about having another baby on a podcast

Getting candid with host Lauren Laverne, “It would be wonderful if we can. If not, I’ve got Angelo. I just want to be happy.”

Adele is mom to son Angelo, 9, whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki, and claimed motherhood has changed her in “every single way.”

“Good, bad, strange. I love being a mom,” she concluded.

Adele was clearly feeling very open to talking about her personal life, even revealing details about her divorce from Simon. The singer claimed it was a pretty amicable split, and the pair co-parent very well together.

Responding to whether or not she found the split tough, Adele said, “It was, but it was never really tricky because we’re such good friends. Over my dead body is my kid having a messy divorce in his life.”

She continued, “There are no issues and there were no issues, so I guess it was easier to make sure that didn’t happen. I was blessed with him and he’s just the best. I definitely approached it all with grace, and I think that really paid off.”

Adele has spoken to Oprah in the past about expanding her family

Adele has spoken about wanting to expand her family before, speaking to Oprah Winfrey about the subject during her One Night Only concert special in November.

She said something similar to what she said during the podcast, telling Oprah, “I’m definitely open to it. I would like more children. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t because I have Angelo, but yeah, I think so.”

For his part, Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul, who already has three children of his own, recently told E! News, “As a young dad, growing a business, it was pretty tough. But now looking as an older dad and my kids being much older, and obviously, if I was to have more kids … I’m looking forward to being a different dad, a more patient dad.”

Adele was baby crazy during her appearance on the Graham Norton show

Despite Adele saying she would be happy even if she were only to have Angelo, she sounded baby crazy during an appearance on the Graham Norton show this past February.

She joked, “I want a baby next year. I have plans next year! I have plans. Imagine if I have to cancel the shows because I’m having a baby.”

We’ll have to see if Adele and Rich Paul end up with any little babies in the future. One thing is for sure, that baby will have a stunning voice.

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