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Addison Rae pulls off leather choker look in edgy strapless dress

addison rae
Addison Rae is adjusting her boots on a balcony, wearing a collar. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae continued her slew of fashion photos taken in paradise with a green single strap ensemble where she resembled an earth fairy.

She shared the series on her Instagram for her 40 million followers to enjoy.

The TikTok star has been sharing bikini photos from Italy while on vacation. Addison swam in the ocean, walked the cobblestone streets, and sunbathed on a boat.

She shared the fashion photos with her fans who have received an eyeful from the Louisiana native in the past few weeks, courtesy of her swimsuit pictures.

However, it was back to fashion posts as the latest shots featured Addison trying her favorite influencer poses.

The first shot featured Addison with her leg elevated as she zipped a brown leather boot.

Addison Rae rocks green and brown dress with designer choker

She wore an asymmetrical green and brown dress to match the classic shoewear.

Addison swept her light brown tresses into a high ponytail for the latest look.

She wore an edgy choker, which said JPG for Jean Paul Gautier.

Addison let the photos do the talking, opting to go caption-free.

She broke the photos up with a photo from a spa where she wore a white gown. Behind her was medical equipment and technology used to help promote beauty.

Addison tagged Chloe & Chenelle Delgadillo in the Instagram post. Chloe and Chenelle are self-described wardrobe scientists who helped create the look. The styling sisters regularly dress Olivia Rodrigo, Kim Kardashian, and Willow Smith, to name a few.

Addison Rae was very close friends with Kourtney Kardashian

Addison Rae is a popular influencer who quickly rose to fame during her freshman year at Louisiana State University in 2019. While in her first semester, she posted a trend dance on TikTok and quickly went viral. By 2020, she was hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian and appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Addison told Glamour, “I look up to Kourtney a lot and her entire family – throughout everything you can lean back on your family and friends to really have that emotional and mental support. It really pulls you through at the end.”

Addison said that Kourtney, who was 21 years older than her, offered some sage advice.

Addison revealed, “Something that she told me was, ‘Make sure you’re always enjoying what you’re doing because this is the life you’re living. Make sure it’s something that you’re proud of and you’re continuing to do the things you love.’”

Although Addison and Kourtney are still friends, Addison didn’t attend Kourt’s Italian wedding to Travis Barker.